Listen: Our Candy Clearance Day Celebration Playlist

It’s February 15th, also known as the day after Valentine’s Day, also known as the day the value packs of heart-shaped Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups go on sale for at least half off and every drug store in the country. Whether you hate that you love the black Friday of Hallmark stores or you love to hate its capitalist schemes, this blessed time of cheap candy and corny trinkets is something we can all appreciate. To celebrate, we’ve put together a playlist of our favorite angsty teenager-era anti-Valentine’s Day anthems for your enjoyment. Follow us on Spotify for more playlists and comment your addition to the list below!


Recapping Riverdale: Chapter 3, “The Body Double”

It has been a totally batshit couple of days in America since last week’s episode, so I was really excited to sit down to “The Body Double” for some good, wholesome fun from my friends in Riverdale. Boy, did this episode deliver. 

Cheryl clarifies to Sheriff Keller that she’s only confessing to being guilty of not telling the truth, NOT killing her brother. She says she loved Jason more than she loves herself ([insert the O.K. emoji here]) and explains that the “plan” that they had was bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Apparently, Jason wanted to leave Riverdale forever, so he enlisted Cheryl to help him get away without the ‘rents noticing. Seriously, how insane must the Blossom parents be for their son to want to fake his own death just to get away from them? Will we ever know? Right on cue, Mama and Papa Blossom swoop in to take Cheryl away–but not before she tells the Sheriff about the gunshot she and Jason heard after they made it safely across the river.  Continue reading Recapping Riverdale: Chapter 3, “The Body Double”

‘The Good Place’ Tackles Tech and Spiritual Anxiety in the Modern Age

At the tail end of last year, showrunner Michael Schur released his follow up to Parks and Recreation: The Good Place. The Good Place follows the newly deceased Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) who winds up in a doctor’s office-esque waiting room in what she’ll soon learn is a version of Heaven. Though the wall across from her urges her to believe “EVERYTHING IS FINE” in gloriously green letters, we soon find out that everything is not fine. In fact, Eleanor doesn’t really belong here–she ended up in Heaven by mistake.

In an America that has Christians fearing for their religious freedom and scientists receiving pushback from the political right, The Good Place presents itself as a strangely clerical, bureaucratic view of our cultural norms about Heaven and Hell. There’s not a Heaven or Hell, persay, but there is a Good Place and a Bad Place, and a firm of “architects” that gets to design them. Whether you end up in the Good Place or the Bad Place is determined by a formula that weighs every decision you make with a numerical value. There is an often-malfunctioning assistant named “Janet” who can be called whenever a dead person needs anything from a snack to a pornography recommendation, and you can view your memories on a screen, as if streaming them from the Netflix of your memory. Though The Good Place is about themes usually associated with our spiritual lives, it presents that life in a technological language, referencing algorithms rather than Bibles, and numbers rather than feelings.  Continue reading ‘The Good Place’ Tackles Tech and Spiritual Anxiety in the Modern Age

Recapping Riverdale: Episode 2, “A Touch of Evil,” or, “No-Homo: The Episode”

We left last episode with dozens of questions: Who killed Jason? Why is Cheryl seemingly unbothered by her brother’s death? What the hell is Betty’s mom’s deal? Are we ever going to talk about all the smooching that went on last episode and what variety of closets these characters are in?

“A Touch of Evil” only enhances these questions. We pick up where we left off, with Archie haunted by what he did to Betty, trying to communicate with her using everything from text to their “You Belong With Me” window set up. After a few sweaty nightmares, Archie, staying shirtless because why not?, sneaks out to Ms. Grundy’s house to confess his Serious Anxiety about the gunshot they heard mid-canoodle. Grundy continues to skirt the facts: “If anybody finds out we were there, we could go to jail.” No, Ms. Grundy, YOU COULD GO TO JAIL.  Continue reading Recapping Riverdale: Episode 2, “A Touch of Evil,” or, “No-Homo: The Episode”