Concert Review: 3OH!3 & More – The Noise Tour

Journeys-Noise-Tour-3oh3I was so excited to hear that The Noise Tour was coming to The Fillmore in San Francisco among the 17 cities it would visit across the states. Rumor had it that the sales for this tour were not doing too well, and I could not figure out why. However, it may have been the price of the tickets. Many venues had tickets going for well over $30 which, for the average concert-goer, is way too expensive. But no matter what, I had to see it for myself. My middle school self was fangirling so hard when I found out that 3oh!3 was headlining, and The Summer Set, after having such a successful year, was supporting alongside Wallpaper. and New Beat Funds.

After waiting in line for a few hours, it was time to go inside The Fillmore. I was fortunate enough to be on the barricade, and I could not wait for the show to begin. First to perform were New Beat Funds. I did not have a chance to listen to them before the show, so I was hoping for the best. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. They had a nice stage presence, but it was sloppy. The lead singer looked a little drunk and accidentally let his mic hit my friend when he pointed it into the audience. Their dance moves were a mess and I could barely understand what they were singing. I applaud their effort in warming up and entertaining the crowd, but maybe next time they could sober up a little bit and speak more clearly.

Wallpaper. were up next. I had heard great things about these guys and was excited to see how this played out. This was the band’s hometown show, so I knew they would be on their A game, and I was right. This band knows how to entertain! From beginning to end, the crowd was dancing like crazy and it seemed like everyone was having a blast! These guys were fun and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to go to a show to party.

The Summer Set was next, and being my favorite band, I had been looking forward to this for months. Every time I have seen them, they delivered an excellent performance, and this one was no different. The band looked like they were having a pleasant time, minus Stephen who walked off the stage during his least favorite song “Boomerang.” Overall, you could tell this band truly enjoys performing and the crowd looked like they were having the time of their lives. People were dancing and singing along to all the songs. As usual, “Chelsea” was a crowd favorite and the perfect way to end their set. I have seen this band perform many times, and this show made me realize how far this band has gotten and how they continue to grow and attract more and more fans. There is a rumor that they will be touring this spring, and I know it is going to be big! Be sure to be on the lookout for more information about that!

It was finally time for the band the fans had come for: 3oh!3. I decided to watch from the back of the crowd and I could tell that not many people showed up. I have seen bands at The Fillmore before and seen the venue jam-packed with fans, and for this show, maybe half the floor was occupied. However, the crowd did not disappoint. It was just how I imagined it to be. People were dancing, singing and the overall vibe was incredible! 3oh!3 put on such a killer show that it was hard for anyone not to have fun. Nate and Sean from 3oh!3 kept the crowd entertained by telling jokes and singing fans “happy birthday” between songs. Hearing “My First Kiss”, and songs from their album “Want” brought so many memories from my middle school days that I was glad I decided to see this band live. The highlight of the night was when all the bands teamed up to perform a new song called “Turn the Night On,” their second to last song of the set. Closing out the night with “Don’t Trust Me” was perfect. The guys from 3oh!3 kept Ricky Reed from Wallpaper. and Brian Dales from The Summer Set on stage to sing the last song with them. It was obvious that the guys on this tour loved having fun, touring together, and entertaining the crowd.

Overall, just going to one date of this tour was not enough. Thank you to Journeys, the bands, crews, and fans/families that made this tour possible. This show delivered. It was great to see a bay area local band like Wallpaper. open for this tour and I highly recommend everyone to see them live! As for 3oh!3, I regret waiting five years to see them live; those guys are true entertainers and I will for sure be at their next date. The Summer Set are continuing to get bigger and bigger and I predict huge things for these guys and everyone needs to see them live at least once! It was unfortunate that not a lot of people showed up to this tour because it was a night to remember. Maybe next time, they could play at venues that charge less. That had to have been the only factor contributing to the low turnout because everyone that went to these shows had to have had the time of their life. Beginning to end it was entertaining and put everyone in such a fantastic mood. Bring on The Noise Tour ft. 3oh!3 part two!

Rating: 6 slices out of 8
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