PSA: What NOT to do at Shows

Here is a little Public Service Announcement for those of you who like to attend shows but have zero respect for other people: hitting someone in order to get something that was thrown off of the stage is not ok.

Picture this: you’re at a concert, it’s the end of the show, and a drumstick is thrown into the crowd and you catch it! Yes! A few more are tossed into the crowd and you’re still standing there basking in the glory of a 16 inch piece of wood. But all of a sudden someone decides that they deserve to have it more than you do so they try to grab it out of your hand. “What the hell! This is mine I caught it,” you exclaim, but the girl decides to keep pulling on it. You’ve got two hands on it now and you know that you are NOT letting this go because is this chick for real? Trying to steal this piece of memorabilia right out of your grasp because she wasn’t able to catch one herself? So you try and turn away from her hoping for the love of god she would just let go already.

All of a sudden you feel a sharp impact to the back of your head and you see spots in your eyes for a second. While being hit might have shocked some people into letting go of what they were holding on to, your instinct is to clench up and because you were already turning around, you hunch over into a sort of crouch. Bam! There is a second hit, same spot. You are still in shock, however, so you quite literally can’t move to let go of that damn piece of wood. Ouch, there is a third impact. This time it’s the side of your face and you are finally able to snap out of it enough to unwrap your fingers from the drumstick. Holy shit did that really just happen?!

Well it did. It happened to me at the Glamour Kills Holiday show at The Studio at Webster Hall, where Hit The Lights played Skip School Start Fights front to back. Only here’s the kicker, the person hitting me wasn’t the girl; it was the guy she was with. These are two people I have never met in my life and they decided that attempting to beat me up over a hunk of wood was a good idea. When I stood all the way up and turned to the guy that hit me I yelled at him “Was that fucking necessary?!” at this point I was angry and my eyes were starting to tear up because hello, I had just gotten punched in the eye. The guy’s response was to puff out his chest and get up in my face. I turned away because I already knew the answer to the question I had just asked. No, that was most certainly NOT necessary.

Someone took the whole “Skip School Start Fights” thing a little too seriously, in my opinion. I have been to a lot of shows and I have seen a good amount happen at them. I’ve witnessed fights, I’ve helped break up fights, until last night I had never been directly involved with a fight. I’ll admit it, I’ve been in a little tug of war for an object before. In fact, I was in one earlier in the night over a Property of Zack shirt that was thrown. I ended up with it, but please note that there is a major difference between a quick tug of war and physically harming someone over something.

Overall, the show was amazing; and luckily I’m a pretty positive and upbeat person, so I’m not letting what happened to me put a damper on my memories of this show. I saw Handguns, my favorite pop punk band, I saw Hit the Lights play Skip School, Start Fights in its entirety. I stage dove, I crowd surfed, I sang my heart out with my best friend, and I made a bunch of new friends. Last night was amazing. To that guy and that girl, I feel sorry for you. I am sorry that you both are such classless people that you are willing to fight a total stranger over such a trivial object. You may have won that drumstick, but I was able to go to sleep last night content with the knowledge that I was able to walk away from that with my dignity. Oh, and the fact that once someone was told why I was sitting on the stage crying they were kind enough to bring me a different drumstick and the set list.


Oh P.S., this black eye is really cute.


3 thoughts on “PSA: What NOT to do at Shows”

  1. Heard about this all weekend. Glad to see you’re okay! I can only hope that this guy receives a little retribution for being the scummiest person in Webster Hall.

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