EP Review: Oh Honey – With Love

1000369_561246073955773_1538480283_n-590x590In September, Brooklyn based band, Oh Honey released their first single “Be Okay,” which sounded promising, and I was instantly a fan. Then again, it’s really hard to dislike any of the music Mitchy Collins has a hand in; and he sounds especially great next to Danielle Bouchard, with whom he shares the bands vocals. After pursuing different hobbies and interests, I had very little time to spend keeping up with the music scene in 2013, but With Love was one of the few EPs I was around to listen to upon release, and it was a great choice. While it came out a bit too late to define my summer, it’s still a great EP and still gives off fun summer vibes even though it’s currently 36 degrees and raining out.

Opening the EP is track, “I Love You Will Still Sound the Same” which sets the listener up for the lighthearted, feel-good adventure they’re about to endure via the rest of the EP (if you’re not suddenly picturing Legolas taking down orcs while singing this, then I hope you are now). It starts out with a crisp, bright acoustic guitar, and is soon joined by another guitar, percussion, and sweet lyrics. Danielle and Mitchy’s vocals complement each other so well and are extremely easy on the ear.

Next up is track “Be Okay,” which, as mentioned before, was the band’s first release, and rightfully so as it sums up the entire EP well. It’s a toe-tapping summer jam that reminds me of warm weather and boardwalks. Actually, that could also be because in their video for the song, they take a walk down the Coney Island boardwalk and the L train with guitarist, Ian Holubiak and strangers holding up signs saying “We’ll be okay;” and it really feels as if we’ll be okay when we’re listening to it. Somehow it just has a way to make you want to dance down a boardwalk in a really cute dress- and while this isn’t about music, let’s all just take a moment to gawk at Danielle’s awesome fashion sense. Okay. Moment taken. Moving on.

“Lonely Neighbor (What Am I To You)” is a sweeter track than the previous upbeat summer jam. “Lonely Neighbor” is laid-back and gives off the feeling of sitting in a porch swing on a late spring night. In plain English, it’s really nice to unwind and get comfortable with if you’re in need of a night of easy listening. Closing track “Get It Right” features sing-and-repeat vocals trading off between Danielle and Mitchy. Their voices just mix so well and I’m kinda mad at how perfect they are together. The group vocals that once appeared in earlier tracks “Be Okay” and “I Love You Will Still Sound The Same” are suddenly back and sweeter than ever. Though it’s not my favorite track on the album, it’s still a good song. It’s one of the songs I often forget is on the EP because it lacks a real catchy hook or sweet feeling that the others have; but you don’t need hooks when you have well-written lyrics and fantastic vocals like Oh Honey has.

Good luck getting any song from this EP out of your head. In the meantime, I’m going to bask in it and hum the songs every time I walk home from the bus. Sure, it might be raining, but my god, it’s summer in my soul thanks to this band. You can stream With Love for free over on Soundcloud, but I suggest you buy it on iTunes to ensure that we can hear more from this band in the future.

Rating: 7.5 slices out of 8
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