Interview with The Greater Gatsby

Interview submitted by Crewys Lane // contributing writer

The Greater Gatsby are a post hardcore band from Canton, Ohio that have been working real hard to establish some local buzz with a solid first EP and are looking to do the same in 2014. I had the chance to talk to Joshua (vocals) and Jacob (guitar) about their plans for 2014, how boring Ohio is, and Hot Topic.

First off, What is your name and what do you do in The Greater Gatsby, and what is your favorite sports team?
Joshua: My name is Joshua, I yell incoherently into a mic, and I’m a Philadelphia Flyers fan to the death.
Jacob: My name Jacob Daniel Peters, I make a lot of noise through a guitar amplifier, and I’m an Oregon Ducks kinda guy.

What bands got you guys into playing music?
Joshua: I first got interested in music from listening to Blink-182, Rise Against, and The Wonder Years. I  was never super into it until I met Jake, and he showed me a little band called Birds in Row, and I really owe it to them for what I’m doing now. French hardcore is best hardcore.
Jacob: One of the sole reasons I play music is because of Alexisonfire and their S/T, that record completely changed the way I thought about music. It took me from being a metal head to thinking punk and the emotion behind it resonated the best with me.

What do you have planned for 2014?
Joshua: Hopefully we can get this record out, “The Kids Are Killing Nancy Reagan”, which we’re in the process of heavily writing right now. We’d also like to see a tour of sorts this summer, but we’ll see how that pans out.
Jacob: That’s pretty much it.

Where can people pick up your music?
Jacob: You can get our debut EP “Fricacking Rabble-Rousers” for name your price on

Being from Ohio, what do you do for fun? Because I can’t find anything to do on a Friday night.
Joshua: I’m stuck in the same boat man. I usually just go to a book store and loiter, or the mall. They have a Hot Topic that’s my only viable source for purchasing vinyl, so I end up there for a bit. Or just hang out and get cheap food with the dudes.
Jacob: We skateboard and eat burgers man. I’m ashamed to say that I too buy all of my records from a Sceenie-Weenie store.

What was your favorite thing about 2013?
Joshua: I saw Birds in Row on The Chariot farewell tour. It was the greatest show of my life.
Jacob: If you can’t already tell Josh and I are the same person. I saw Birds in Row and talked to their drummer about vegetables.

Lastly, what is your go-to pizza place and what do you order?
Joshua: Guy’s Pizza Co. in Kent, OH. Some good Pep and Mushrooms are all I need for total happiness.
Jacob: Due to the genetic lottery that is my life, I’m allergic to wheat, so I can’t eat real pizza. The closest thing I get is pizza sauce on rice bread, topped with cheese and meatballs.

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