EP Review: Homage – Insignificant

528928_329370457174283_872371780_nMy favorite part about this job is that I get to listen to tons of bands and artists that I’ve never heard of and discover some new music. This time around, I was blown away by Toronto-based band, Homage, who have just released an EP titled Insignificant that’s perfect for fans of  pop- punk/metalcore music.  

The first song, “Groundwork,” is very raw and personal and sets the tone for the rest of the EP. The next song, “Albeit,” brings the same thing; it’s very strong and the vocals and lyrics play with your emotions, like with lyrics “A life built on expectation/ nothing relies on chance/ I’ve been confined by these walls of glass/ told to accept mediocrity/ firmly built but just as fragile/ lined with blind faith and fate, then what to be made of ourselves.” All of these songs are so honest and emotional.

Ending with “It’s Becoming An Integral Part” was perfect as it is so powerful. “Look at your life/ open up your eyes/ open your mind and take in what’s around you/ was this everything you thought you’d amount to?” These songs make you think about your life, makes you realize that some people have the same thoughts as you, that you may not be alone in the world. Everything about Insignificant tells a story. The rough voice adds emotion to each song and it constantly builds throughout the EP. 

Overall, this EP was one that I would highly recommend. My favorite part of Insignificant is how relatable it is. Almost anyone can connect to at least one of these songs and that’s how music should be. When you can relate to a piece of music, it makes it easier to fall in love with a band. Homage, you all did a great job and I can’t wait to see what else you guys do in the future. Readers, take my advice and go buy this EP here.

Rating: 6.5 slices out of 8
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