Album Review: You Me At Six – Cavalier Youth

ymas_cavalieryouthLike many of the eager You Me At Six fans across the globe, I had been waiting for their new album to be released for so long. But fellow fans, the wait is over! You Me at Six finally released their fourth album Cavalier Youth this week. Before the album was even released, we got a teaser with two singles, “Lived a Lie” and “Fresh Start Fever,” and a music video to go with the former. With these releases, anticipation built for this album, and after hearing it in full,  it was what I expected from the rock group across the pond.

Each song off of Cavalier Youth is strong and powerful. The first track, “Too Young to Feel This Old,” starts the album off strong. It’s your typical love song, but with a twist. Besides the catchy repetition of, “I’m just a boy, he said./ I’m just a girl, she said./ We’re in love, they said./What happens next, who cares?” the song is upbeat and relatable. Lead singer Josh Franceschi sings with so much power and emotion that you can feel the passion in your bones.

Even the slower songs like “Forgive and Forget” and “Cold Night” pick up tempo near the end with the bass and drums to keep the energy of this album high. Closing track “Wild Ones,” felt like the perfect way to end this album; the buildup from start to end was the best part. You can feel the power and emotion the band puts into this record come together in this song. Repeating the line “Are we gonna live forever?” multiple times throughout the song really helped bring out the message of the importance of taking life into your own hands and doing whatever you feel is right.

Cavalier Youth is that album you can play in the car, roll your windows down and sing like no ones watching. I love the way You Me At Six were able to stick with their alternative rock roots but add in a little more pop sound to it because each song has an edge to it that makes you want to replay the whole album over and over again, but could still appeal to fans of any genre. Strong songs with positive messages and unbeatable musicality to support them will make this album catchy in the minds of many.

Rating: 6.5 slices out of 8
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