Interivew with Matthew of Call The Station

734109_476731052436515_2105964650_nI’d been hearing some buzz about Call The Station for quite some time. Their current line up consists of Florio, lead vocalist Anthony Wall, guitarist Mauricio Rincon and bassist Eran Abraham, and after having heard of some members from their previous bands, I decided to reach out to their guitarist/vocalist Matthew Florio to get a closer look at the band, where they’re from, where they’re going, and their debut album Signals.

Where Is Call The Station based out of?
We are from Long Island, NY.

Where did the name Call The Station come from?
Our singer Anthony came up with it while we were recording. We had a bunch of bad names, and this just seemed to fit the best.

How long have you guys been playing together?
Anthony, Mauricio, and Eran met at college a few years ago. They started playing shows with their previous band until I met Mauricio in 2011.  We started writing and playing together more and went through a few lineup changes.

How would you describe your genre or sound?
We try to cater to a lot of different sounds, which reflects on our album. It all blends together pretty well – it doesn’t clash. All in all, we can be classified as alternative rock.

Who are some of Call The Station’s influences?
Personally, some bands that I look up to are Further Seems Forever, Spitalfield, Underoath, Copeland, and Circa Survive. Mauricio likes bands such as Explosions In The Sky, Circa Survive, Armor For Sleep, and Broken Social Scene. Anthony is into The Neighborhood, Manchester Orchestra, and Bright Eyes. Eran likes a lot of bands – Brand New, Mayday Parade, and All Time Low to name a few.

Your debut album Signals came out in November. What has the reaction to it so far been like?
So far everything has been super positive. We are fortunate because a lot of bands don’t get to make a big splash right away but everything picked up so quickly. Back in December, we played our first show, and I was surprised by how many people knew the songs and the lyrics. It was so welcoming.

AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer and Fred Mascherino of Terrible Things/ex-Taking Back Sunday provided guest vocals on the album. What was working with them like?
Having Fred Mascherino both sing and play guitar on the album was such an honor. I have always admired his guitar work. The majority of my favorite guitar parts were written by him. He was really professional and down to earth. Working with AJ Perdomo was also very special for me. I am a big fan of The Dangerous Summer, and have always connected with their music. Having him on ‘Leave the Light On’ was a big deal to me, as I wrote that song specifically for someone very important to me.

Long Island is known for it’s underground music scene. Where does Call The Station fit in within it?
I have always been super proud to be a band in this scene. It is probably one of the most historical and respected scenes; which can be both a blessing and curse. Admittedly, I have always felt a little intimidated but nonetheless extremely proud.

Where do you see Call The Station in a year from now?
Ideally, I think we would like to be recording or at least close to releasing our follow up. I just want to see this band progress and be as active as we can possibly be.

What’s next for you guys?
We have been writing the past few months and we would like to begin the whole recording process again. Our goal is to also play more shows over the next few months. We were inactive for a while but that only made us ready for whatever is thrown towards us.

Call The Station’s next show is on February 16, 2014 at Amityville Music Hall in Amityville, NY. They will be opening up for I Call Fives alongside We Still Dream, Born Without Bones, and Landscapes & Skylines. You can read more information about the show and pick up tickets by clicking here.

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