Fall Out Boy to release new game, “Fall Out Bird”

BgJ_UFMCMAEfknDcabAs many, if not most of you may know, the popular smartphone game “Flappy Bird” was removed from app stores on Sunday. This is likely to lead to many knock-off versions of the game to hit all the platforms soon, possibly disappointing fans of the viral game. However, no need to fear, for fans of Fall Out Boy! They might find themselves quite satisfied as Fall Out Boy will be releasing a new game called Fall Out Bird. The game is, essentially, Flappy Bird with our four favorite boys and is set to release later on this week.

Fall Out Boy had a huge success the last time they took a popular game and spun it their own way back in 2009, when the world was introduced to Fall Out Boy Trail, hosted on Friends Or Enemies. The game was originally released as a chance for fans to win tickets to the Believers Never Die Tour (Part Deux), but it quickly became much more than that.

The game was essentially elementary-school-favorite The Oregon Trail, but with Fall Out Boy touring in a van, surviving on boosts from Vitamin Water. There were portions of the game that included fording the ol’ river, hunting buffalo to get nuggets to feed the band, beating Perez Hilton, and playing 8-bit versions of FOB’s songs in a Guitar-Hero like manner to progress in the game. Passing through each of these sections of the game earned you the right of passage (and frustration) to fly through space in the world’s hardest-to-maneuver rocket ship, where you closed out your pilgrimage across the nation and were eventually able to see all the bonus points you managed to (most likely not have) racked up throughout the game depending on the choices you made at stops, how you survived, and how many of the band members survived.

Overall, the game did NOT disappoint. And, while there will probably never be a better band related game than Fall Out Boy Trail, I am willing to give Fall Out Bird a shot because it was one of those games you never knew you needed until Fall Out Boy came along and said “hey, we’re remixing this.” Dammit, Fall Out Boy. I didn’t even like Flappy Bird!

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