Lyric Video: Flannel Mouth – “Oh, Bastard”

1536497_563272213757573_439906906_nPeoria, Illinois natives FLANNEL MOUTH (SwitchBitch Records) released single, “Oh, Bastard” back in November 2013 and now have added a lyric video to accompany the track’s bouncy, melodic bass lines, telling the story of a boy born to parents with other priorities and the ultimate fates of anyone involved. The video, which you can watch below, was created by Bruce James Bale of DEFT

The song, though independent of an album, showcases the emergence of Flannel Mouth’s ability to write a hard-hitting single whilst staying true to their unique brand of theatric rock, displayed on 2012’s Pull in Your Horns.

Read what singer Luke Myers has to say about the video below!

We wanted to provide a visual element to our music on a format we haven’t reached just yet, plus emphasize the importance of the story entwined in the music. It’s certainly an integral aspect of our writing style, and will continue to be in every future release, as well. If nothing else, we wanted to give a man with a terrific mustache a moment in the light.

Connect with FLANNEL MOUTH:
Purchase FLANNEL MOUTH’s “Pull in Your Horns” on iTunes:

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