Concert Review: The Summer Set – Legendary Unplugged

The-Summer-Set-LegendaryThe Summer Set decided to start off their 2014 by going on an up-close-and-personal acoustic tour on select dates across the US, playing venues that hold a max of 400 people. I was fortunate enough to go to the San Francisco date of Legendary Unplugged on February 22, 2014. Bottom of the Hill, a 350 capacity venue, was the first venue The Summer Set headlined back in 2010, and now they were back again. I did not know what to expect from this night, other than the fact I knew it was going to be Legen-wait for it-dary.

VIP holders for the night were allowed in an hour and a half before general admission. Those lucky enough to get VIP, were treated with an emotional video that recapped The Summer Set’s extraordinary 2013, a mixtape produced by bass player Stephen Gomez, a Half Moon Kids pin pack, and 45 minutes to walk around and mingle with the band.

This acoustic show was very different from a regular show. For one, there was a lot of tuning, so much that it almost drove lead singer Brian Dales crazy. Another difference is that the band played their latest album Legendary front to back as well as a few songs off their other two albums. There was something about taking Legendary and playing it acoustically that made me love and respect this album a lot more than I ever did. The band did an exceptional job slowing down these songs and adding a new twist to them. It was beautiful to see the sold out venue singing their hearts out for every single song and showed how much this band has grown these past few years.

tumblr_inline_my2lozDi0J1qfo293There were many memorable moments from this night. One was during “Rescue.” The band’s faces lit up when they saw the crowd hold up Oreo signs during the the part when Brian sings “ooweeoo.” Since it almost sounds like Brian is singing “orrreeeooo” and has become a joke to some in the The Summer Set fan base. The band absolutely loved it.

During song transitions, Stephen and John Gomez decided to release their inner One Direction and play parts of the songs “Diana,” “Story of my Life,” and “Kiss You.” At this moment, it seemed like the crowd wanted to hear the band cover more One Direction instead of hearing more Summer Set music. The band decided that for the very last song, “Chelsea,” they would play in the crowd. The already crowded venue did the best they could to make a space in the middle of the floor for the band. This moment was absolutely amazing. There was not a single person in that room not singing their heart out with the band.

The Summer Set has been one of my favorite bands for a few years now, and out of all The Summer Set shows I have been to, this was the most memorable. The band had the biggest smiles across their faces the entire night, and it clearly showed how much they love to perform. For those going to Legendary Unplugged, it will be a night to remember. And for those that will not be able to make it, The Summer Set do have plans to tour this summer, so be on the lookout for that!

Rating: 8 slices out of 8
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