Interview with Alexa Ferr

384655_470990029643916_1586525082_nToronto based R&B/pop artist Alexa Ferr recently put out a powerful four-song mixtape for the holidays. I got the chance to catch up with her and talk about her musical influences, plans for 2014, and more! Check out what she had to say below.

Can you introduce yourself to us and tell us your favorite pizza topping? 
My name is Alexa Ferr, I’m a born and raised Toronto girl making “rugged R&B/pop” music and doing what I love! My favorite pizza topping is black olives! 

Where did the inspiration for your recent release, “Shades Of My Lipstick,” come from? 
The inspiration for my recent release, “Shades Of My Lipstick” was my fans! They’ve been so supportive with my EP and music video, that I wanted to release some music for them as a gift for the holidays and to say thank you for their love and support!

When did you realize that music was the career you wanted to take on?
I’ve always had a strong passion for music ever since I was very little, and I guess I always knew that I wanted to become an artist and make a career out of something that I love! 

What does 2014 hold for you, what can we all expect?
This year my fans can definitely expect a lot more new music, videos, contests, shows, etc! I’m so excited to get back into the studio to make new music, and to start rehearsing for future shows again!


Who inspires you musically? More importantly, who inspired you to pick up the microphone? 
I grew up listening to a lot of r&b and pop music, so a lot of my musical influences come from artists like Aaliyah, Brandy, Jojo, Rihanna, Michael Jackson… It’s funny, because when Jojo first got big in the industry and came out with “Leave (Get Out)”, I remember telling my mom, “I wanna be just like her one day!”

Can your fans catch you on the road this year? 
Yes! I’m trying to figure out my schedule right now, but I’m trying to book a lot more shows in LA as well as other parts of the U.S and Canada as well!  

And lastly, do you have anything you want to say to your fans?
Thank you guys so much for the love and support! I promise that the wait for my new music will be worth it and I can’t wait to see you guys at my shows,  and for you to hear my new music!

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