EP Review: Neck Deep / Knuckle Puck – Tour Split

Neck Deep just wrapped up their UK tour and are now teaming up with Knuckle Puck and Light Years for their first US tour starting February 28th. Bad Timing and Hopeless Records came together this month to release a tour split featuring 2 tracks by Neck Deep and 2 tracks by Knuckle Puck.

itemNeck Deep is a 5-piece pop punk band from Wrexham, UK who decided to feature songs on the split off their debut LP, Wishful Thinking. They open the split with “Crushing Greif (No Remedy),” which was the first teaser track they streamed back in October before their album’s release. This is a stereotypical Neck Deep track with fast and heavy guitar, drums, and vocals. But this song seems old now because how much they have used it already to promote Wishful Thinking. It would have been nice to see a different track from the album featured on this split, considering how every song on the album was just as strong, like “Staircase Wit” or “Losing Teeth.” “Crushing Grief” is still a great song but it has been slightly overused.

The second track is on the split is “Growing Pains,” which was the second teaser track that they released in a music video in December. “Growing Pains” is similar to “Crushing Grief” in the sense that it is still fast paced, but this song sounds much more original and catchy. At some points the first is too fast to keep up with lyrically, but in this track, Neck Deep slow things down just enough for any listener to be able to easily sing along. Both of these tracks are reminiscent of their first two EPs, Rain in July and A History of Bad Decisions. This isn’t to say they aren’t great tracks but for people who heard their first EPs before Wishful Thinking, this isn’t anything new.

KPartHailing from the iconic pop-punk scene in Chicago, 4-piece pop punk band Knuckle Puck recorded 2 brand new songs with Bad Timing Records for the split. When they released their second EP The Weight That You Buried, they showed huge potential to become the next big thing in pop punk, and their two tracks that debuted on this split only further prove that point. The first track is called “Gold Rush,” which is the highlight of this album. The easy to sing along to chorus and shout-able lyrics makes this song very memorable and easy to get hooked to.

The second track they released is called “Fences,” which though it has stereotypical pop punk lyrics of broken relationships and getting out of your hometown. It is an excellent example of cliche (in a good way) pop punk lyrics done right. Both tracks feature lyrics that are easy to relate and sing to, and catchy riffs and choruses that make Knuckle Puck’s part of the split one to remember. Be on the look out for future releases from this band, they’re definitely going to hit the pop punk spotlight soon.

The vinyl pressing of this split was limited to 1,000 copies, only 500 available online and 500 will be sold on tour. The online exclusive edition sold out in less than a day and the tour copies should go fast. If you have the chance, don’t pass up the opportunity to see either of these bands live on their upcoming tour. Both Neck Deep and Knuckle Puck have the potential to blow up real soon, so a physical copy of this split is definitely a keepsake you’ll want to get your hands on before they’re all gone.

Rating: 6.5 slices out of 8
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