Album Review: Light the Avenue – If You Really Want to Know

a2347753950_2Light the Avenue are a five-piece pop punk band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in late 2011, the band has gone on to release a three track self-titled EP in late 2012 and now their debut full length record, If You Really Want To Know.

The opening track on the EP ‘Letters’ is a one minute long intro which straight away shows what this band is about as it seamlessly fades into the second track ‘Tossing Bricks’. Bringing that modern pop-punk  vibe with its upbeat intro and angsty tone of the verse. By switching up the tempo of the song it keeps the song feeling fresh and far from repetitive which is more than enough to get you nodding your head.

However on some tracks on the album, the levels seem off between the drums and guitars which makes it difficult to hear the riff over the drums,  it is then left to the vocals to carry the melody which in all fairness is done well and still leaves the songs getting stuck in your head. ‘I’m Sorry Holden Caulfield’ and ‘Not Now, Not Ever’ are both songs which this applies to due to the fast tempo beat from the drums.

The track Safe stands out heavily on the album due to the radical changes in tone from its pop punk style to a much heavier from when the presence of Chris Fronzak from the deathcore band Atilla and then later it gives off the feel of almost heavy poetry when featuring Max Stringer from Over All. The changes in the song blend together well and leaves it as one of the best songs on the album.

The instrumental track ‘I Still Function’ is a nice change that breaks down the album and really shows what these guys are capable of when it comes to composing before it neatly fades into the track ‘Damaged’

On a whole, the album doesn’t really feature anything you haven’t heard before in the new wave of pop punk, but despite this, Light the Avenue have a great sound and some tracks really show off what they are capable off, so I would keep an eye on these guys if I were you.

If You Really Want to Know is available now here.

Rating: 6 slices out of 8
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