Interview with Flannel Mouth

The rustic regions of the Tallgrass Prairies hold a myriad of veiled gems, and budding with roots along the Illinois River is Flannel Mouth, a four-piece rock ensemble with high aims in sight. Hailing from Glasford, a town only a thousand strong, Flannel Mouth has emerged as a vengeful small town boy with big city dreams, evidenced by their debut release, “Pull in Your Horns,” via SwitchBitch Records. The band released single, “Oh, Bastard” back in November 2013 and now have added a lyric video to their repertoire.

The Daily Slice had the chance to catch up with two members of Flannel Mouth, Luke and Zach, to discuss the band’s origins, “Oh, Bastard,” new music, future plans for the band, and more. Check it out below!

First introduce your self/selves and your role/roles in the band and your biggest musical influences.
Luke: I’m Luke I sing and play guitar. My biggest influences at the moment in time would probably be old gospel river otters and rock and roll xylophonists…It’s hard to really put a finger on what I like, but I like it, that’s for sure.
Zach: I’m Zach and I play guitar n’ stuff n’ sometimes sing. I would say most of my influence is in older music, jazz n’ such, and the something n’ such of today’s bands. Such as Mars Volta, Nucleus, Zappa, Cursive, Bright Eyes n’ all that jazz.

Since The Daily Slice loves pizza analogies, if your music was a pizza what toppings would there be on it?
Luke: Well…a little pineapple, little anchovies, get it real nice and gross for yah. Human toenails…the works.
Zach: Some seasoned buttery garlic bread crust for the drums, lots of cheese, bratwurst, dash o whiskey, some peppers for the spicy lyrics, some big round mushrooms for the bass sound, but we’re more like a cupcake really.

Can you describe the music scene in Peoria and how you fit into that scene?
Luke: The music scene in Peoria is full of wonderful people playing completely different music than ours..We fit into the Peoria scene like a red-headed step child that you’re okay with cause you had to dye your hair to get married to his mom in the first place!
Zach: It’s a somewhat diverse scene, lots of heavy. I’d say we are a growth attached to the body of the scene that it’s become comfortable with and decided not to remove. Yet. We are loud and weird.

What is the inspiration behind the name, “Flannel Mouth,” and who came up with the idea?
Luke: We’re good friends of Paul Bunyan. As you all know he owns the rights to Flannel. Smash Mouth was there. They made a baby right in front of me…Hence the Flannel Mouth
Zach: It’s true. Right there in front of him…
Luke: Paul Bunyan does not pay child support.

What’s the craziest story you guys have experienced as a band, music or non-music related?
Zach: Once upon a time, in a show not long ago, in a land not far from here, we encountered locals who did diggith our music. They dug it so much so that fights broke out among them. Upon our set finishing one of two women decided she was bigger than the other (she was very much so) and therefore didn’t like the other woman in her drunken state of mind. She attacked and busted out the back door of the saloon where we we’re enjoying a smoke. Their fight ensued in front of us while triggering more chaos betwixt their men inside right on top of our pile of gear. The promoter of the show got beat up shortly thereafter by another riled up group of ruffians. Scotland Yard showed up before the night was over to clean up. We survived unscathed along with our instruments. Great show. Great people.
Luke: It was pleasant….

You guys just released a lyric video for your song Oh, Bastard; what made you decide to go with a lyric instead of music video?
Luke: Well we did have a music video in mind, but it involved getting tropical and brushing our teeth. Which is something we just don’t do. We made the lyric video because we like mustaches and we want you to sing karoake. We also figured that we’d save our music video for something with a whole album behind it so if we did end up getting all “islander with the best smile on the islands” on you, we’d have that much more motivation to really get in there and brush those pearly whites.
Zach: Thanks to Deft Visuals for the eye sauce.

How has the response been to your lyric video?
Luke: Its going great. So far only 1 person out of 7 billion hates it.
Zach: No hives, no nausea, no vomiting or convulsions. I’d call it a medical success.

It’s been almost 2 years since you put out an EP, do you plan on recording any new music or videos in the near future?
Luke: Yes, indeed. We plan on recording a full length later this year, with the help of our ally and confidante, Mr. Michael Abiuso of SwitchBitch Records. We won’t brush our teeth until shortly thereafter.

Do you have any plans for the spring/summer?
Zach: We have planned many weekend tours at this point to neighboring states and cities; KY, WI, IN, OH, MO and around our state of IL through spring and possibly working on recording our full length towards the end of summer. Check us out on for show dates n’ such. Come see us we’ll give you the “D.” We promise no side effects.
Luke: We promise.

For my last question, what is your all time favorite pizzeria, and what do you order from it?
Luke: I get the plain cheese from The Warehouse, in the tiny little town of Hanna City, IL. It is the perfect pizza. After I eat it I wouldn’t dream of brushing my teeth.
Zach: Casey’s Pizza. Pepperoni.

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