Album Review: Survay Says! – Observations of the Human Condition

a0692550359_2Over the past few years, New Jersey based band, Survay Says have been one of the most hardworking bands on the scene, averaging at over 150 shows a year. And now they have dropped their third full length record, Observations of the Human Condition.

The instrumental intro “Marble Tower” makes it immediately evident that Survay Says have a sound much more complex than your run-of-the-mill ska-punk as the delicate guitar riff and pulsing bass drum slowly bring the song up to a high with the heavy guitars and horns that carry the tune seamlessly into “Ode To My Willpower (Or Lack Of)” -an infectiously catchy song that delivers everything you would want from a ska-punk song.

“I Aim To Misbehave'” has a solid pop-punk sound to it with Henry’s strong and melodic voice. It carries the tune well-helped by the horns. “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” is a solid ska song with some pop-punky choruses which force you to start nodding your head, all with the familiar voice of David McWayne from Boston’s ska giants Big D and the Kids Table.

“Show Me Potato Salad” is track six on the album, which was previously released on the Things I Need To Say six-track EP, featuring an extremely catchy tone with the upstroke guitars and solid pop punk chorus, it is no doubt to become a fan favourite.  The track “Cake Eater” is another song featuring a guest vocalist, this time from Patent Pending’s Joe Ragosta. The song noticeably has more of a punk sound than ska, for the most part, until it reaches the half-time choruses which sit very comfortably.

The final track stands out heavily on the album due to it’s intricate guitar work in the intro and memorable melody, which you will end up humming subconsciously. It’s a very solid note to end the album on, with fantastic production in which all the levels are matched clearly with no musical section overpowering another. This is definitely an album you will want to pick up.

Rating: 7 out of 8 slices
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