CANDIRIA “Invaders” 7″ now available for pre-order

CANIRIA’S “Invaders” 7″ EP is now available for pre-order here in 5 different colors.


CANDIRIA, formed in Brooklyn in 1992, are back after a 6 year hiatus with “The Invaders”. Their unique urban fusion – which combines metal, hardcore, jazz, ambient progressive and hip hop – has received praise from Rolling Stone, College Music Journal and the New York Times.  CANDIRIA  has released 9 albums and are now releasing a new 7-inch (for the first time in over six years) with new friends at GIANT MKT.

“Process of Self Development and 300 Percent Density were simply game-changers. I was playing in a metal band shortly after those releases dropped. We all lived together and my drummer and I would talk for hours about CANDIRIA, technique and musicianship. Now, I’m extremely honored to release this 7″ by one of the best groups of musicians to grace an incredible blend of music.” ~Anthony Sanders, founder of GIANT MKT

After the release of “The Invaders”, CANDIRIA plans to release an EP later in 2014. “The Invaders” will be released on April 29, 2014 and limited to a run of 500. Pre-orders will be available at GIANT MKT starting April 07, 2014.

Candiria have toured and shared the stage with bands such as Messhugah, Gojira, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Isis, Clutch, Neurosis, VOD, Skarhead, Bad Brains, Cro Mags, Lamb Of God, Shadows Fall, Terror, Agnostic Front, The Misfits, Indecision, Crisis and countless others.

CANDIRIA’s Current Lineup:
Carley Coma – Vocals
Ken Schalk – Drums
Michael MacIvor – Bass
John LaMacchia – Guitar
Eddie Ortiz – Guitar

Surrealistic Madness 1995
Beyond Reasonable Doubt 1997
The Process of Self.Development 1999
300 Percent Density 2001
The C.O.M.A. Imprint 2002
What Doesn’t Kill You … 2004
Kiss the Lie 2009
Toying With Insanities, Vol. 1 2009
Toying With Insanities, Vol. 2 2009

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