Ed Sheeran’s “Multiply” Available For Pre-Order

Ed Sheeran’s new album, X (or Multiply), is set to be released worldwide on the 23rd of June. The album is now available for pre-order. Can’t wait? In the meantime you can listen to his new single “Sing” here or buy it on iTunes here.

Ed Sheeran MultiplyAfter waiting quite some time for a new album, fans are excited to hear “Sing.” It has a great, feel to it that makes you want to bob your head and move, and is even reminiscent of “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” from his Plus album at times. The new track definitely makes the Multiply album something to be excited about as Sheeran has not moved too far away from his previous album. “Sing” feels  more pop-influenced than any of the songs off his last album, but is still well-balanced somewhere between pop and acoustic-folk music.  Before releasing “Sing,” Sheeran posted on Facebook that the song may not be available in some countries, but they’ll get an EP soon, instead:

“The song will go on sale Monday night in every single country except UK, Ireland, Germany and Australia, you guys have a separate EP in a month… Just the way that the countries radio stations work, it has to go on pre order in those 4 places, but you’ll get a full EP of cool shit further down the line… looking forward to releasing new music finally. yay dot com forward slash yay”

Ed Sheeran Multiply Track Listing
(One, Mess, Sing, Don’t, Ninja, Photo, Bloodstream, Tenerife, Runaway, The Man, Thinking Out Loud, A Fire Love)

After posting a picture of the track listing on Wednesday, he also stated that there will be a deluxe album with four extra tracks: “Take it Back,” “Even My Dad Does Sometimes,” “Shirtsleeves” and “I See Fire.”



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