Interview with Lydia

I got to catch up with Lydia on their Illuminate tour, where they played the entire album front to back. The band was on the road with HRVRD and Golden Sun from February 27 through April 5, spanning across the entire United States. I had the chance to sit down with Matt, Justin, and Leighton at the New York City stop on the tour on March 21 at the Highline Ballroom. Check it out below!

First off, can you please tell us who you are and what you do in the band?
Matt: My name’s Matt, I play piano in Lydia.
Justin: I’m Justin, I play guitar.
Leighton: I’m Leighton and I sing.

You’re suddenly transported to a futuristic universe where music can be converted into pizza. What kind of pizza would Lydia’s music be?Justin: Supreme.
Leighton: You’re going all out with that one. (laughs)
Matt: Maybe vegetarian supreme.

How’s the tour been so far? Any particularly memorable moments?Matt: The shows have been awesome, man. We’ve just been so blown away.
Leighton: True story.

What made you guys think this was the perfect time to do an album tour for Illuminate?
Leighton: We wanted to do it for the five year anniversary which was just a few months ago, back in the fall. We were tied up in other tours and things and such and didn’t want to half-ass it. So, we waited until the spring to do a proper tour for it.

There’s been a lot of lineup changes since that album first came out. Do the songs translate any differently with the current lineup of the band?
Leighton: Absolutely. We don’t like to keep a stale lineup or anything like that. It’s fun to play with different people. This tour is basically the band right now’s take on Illuminate. It’s not like crazy different, but we put our own flare into it.

How do you feel your music has progressed since that record
Matt: Changes in writing partners, different producers, different things in life.
Justin: There’s certainly less parts.
Matt: Yeah, there’s less stuff going on. Everything in our songs nowadays has a clear and strong role.

What are your plans for the coming year, tour/album-wise?
Justin: We’re gonna get home, take a few months off, and start writing the new record. We have a handful of songs, just ideas bouncing around. The one year anniversary of Devil was two days ago so it’s definitely time to start working on new stuff.

Would you ever consider doing a tour like this for any of your other albums?
Leighton: I mean, we’d consider it. If the demand is there. (laughs) Everyone’s been asking us for years to do this tour so here we are.

Recently it was announced that you guys have finally secured the rights to Illuminate and will be pressing it on vinyl. Any other details on that?
Leighton: We’re releasing two different versions of it, one’s gonna be just the plain version and then another version. It’s just been a long process getting the rights back from Universal, because they don’t give a shit. (laughs)

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