Interview with Kat of Sugar Bomb!

With an electric single, “Kiss Me” recently released, Brooklyn based band, Sugar Bomb! wants the world to know who they are. I interviewed lead singer Kat Hamilton and asked her about the band, their upcoming album, and future touring plans.

Can you introduce yourself with your name, your role in the band, and your favorite pizza toppings?
My name is Kat Hamilton and I am the lead singer and songwriter for Sugar Bomb! I really like pepperoni and olives on my pizza, sometimes caramelized onions if you got em.

How long has Sugar Bomb been a band?
Sugar Bomb! has been a band for about two years although it started as a floundering solo project/sort-of band type thing. We recorded our first Sugar Bomb! “E.P” spring 2012, but the sound has changed a lot since that project.

How did you come up with the name Sugar Bomb?
I first heard the name during a dinner table conversation with an old mentor of mine and some friends. Someone at the table said “You know what you are, you’re a Sugar Bomb!” and it stayed with me. They explained it as my well-meaning but sort of abrasively nice personality, but the music sort of resembles a Sugar Bomb! to me. It’s in your face sweetness, or maybe morbid positivity, hahaha.

What types of artists have influenced the band?
We are ALL OVER THE PLACE when it comes to influences. I love grunge and 90s alternative rock. Emmett loves more Hardcore and Metal stuff, but he also cites Tre cool of Green Day as his favorite drummer. We draw a lot of inspiration from pop-punk and warped tour bands. That’s the genre that Emmett and I sort of, meet in the middle on. As a punky band with a strong frontlady, we invite a lot of Paramore comparisons, but for the albums sound, I had The Disillers “Coral Fang” in the back of my mind. I also love No Doubt, Hole and Bikini Kill or really anything Kathleen Hanna has ever done.

How has the response been from the release of your single “Kiss Me”? What was the inspiration behind writing this song?
The response to “Kiss Me” has been awesome, people have been messaging me, saying how fresh it is, which is by far the best compliment ever because what band doesn’t want to be fresh as a winter pine? But seriously, the coolest thing about “Kiss Me” dropping has been how many people had heard it live before, and have said how excited they are to finally have a recording of it. It’s always been a band favorite and at the last show, the whole audience, FULL BODY HEADBANGED to the song, it was slightly zombie-ish and i liked it.

How has the response been from the release of your single “Kiss Me”? What was the inspiration behind writing this song?
Well…the lyrics are pretty suggestive of the “inspiration”, but all puns aside, I have always wanted to write a song that spoke to my experience as a queer woman. There aren’t a lot of feisty queer female musicians confronting intimacy head on and I was really excited to take that challenge. This song also pokes fun a bit at songs that are sexually explicit. All those men out there talking about boning chicks all night, and here’s a girl talking about boning chicks all night. HAHA!

What type of vibe will your fans get from this album?
The vibe of the album is that it is the Sugar Bomb! All of the songs come together to form the ultimate juxtaposition. There are moments when we are so campy that you feel like it’s too much and then BOOM! with the dark and heavy. Overall, the album is really fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. My favorite songs on it are “Lions Cage” and “Under your spell”, my guess would be that Emmetts are “Blue Wine” or “Suddenly Stuck” maybe?
I also think that the Sugar Bomb! album has something for everyone, going back to our influences, it was inevitable that this album is a bit of a melting pot.

Will your fans see you on the road anytime soon?
Yes! we are planning some cool shows for summer that will give some of our east coast fans a chance to rock out with us. Details soon to come.

What is your favorite part about being on the road?
Well, since I have only been on one tour with Sugar Bomb! and I spent it riding in the tiny backseat of my brothers hatchback truck, I’d say I will probably like not riding in the tiny backseat of a hatchback truck.

Lastly, where can people go to check out your music?
You can download our two singles “Hangover” and “Kiss Me” at Thanks for chatting with me and big ups to all of our listeners out there!

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