EP Review: Garden State – Safe/Dislocated

Derby-based quartet,garden state UK Garden State, have at long last showed the world what they are about with their debut release, a two-track EP entitled Safe/Dislocated. The EP was recorded and produced by Papayèr’s Tom Hall in Nottingham’s Confetti Studios. With a similar sound to Papayèr and after displaying some major potential in these two tracks, Garden State are sure to go far in the post-punk/emo genre.

The opening track, ‘Safe’ is immediately catchy with its intricate lead guitar riff and busy drum groove before calming down to accommodate the vocals of Hugh Edwards (also of Jaded, with bassist Alex Bamforth). With complex guitar riffs and drum grooves, it sets apart their sound from the rest of the local scene. The vocal split also adds a more interesting layer to the track with James Shand taking lead vocals on the second verse, which keeps it sounding interesting right through to the end.

The second (and unfortunately last) track is ‘Dislocated,’ which follows the same style of technical and intricate intros which calm down for the verse and rise back up for the chorus. Though this track isn’t quite as gripping as ‘Safe,’ it still delivers those classic pop-punk lyrics. But aside from that, the track doesn’t change much else up. Despite this, it is still a solid example of Derby’s music scene and has raised the bar for many new bands.

I think after listening, we will all be able to agree that just under seven minutes is not enough, and that we can’t wait to hear what else these guys are capable of producing.

Rating: 7 Slices out of 8
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