Photo By: Angela Arcinas

EP Review: A Boy Named John – Or So It Seems

A Boy Named John Or So It SeemsNew Jersey based band, A Boy Named John, is releasing their five-song debut EP, Or So It Seems, on May 6th. The EP will be available to buy and/or stream on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and Reverbnation.

The EP immediately starts off with its title track, “Or So It Seems.” Reminiscent of My Chemical Romance’s “Blood,” the track adequately sets you up for the feel of the rest of the album. It’s a fun, short introductory song that makes you want to keep on listening. Following track, “Affectum Terrore” starts off with a jazz-y/blues-y feel that immediately makes you want to tap your foot and move along with the light percussion in the background. The song shifts from jazz-inspired riffs to more of a rock feel almost seamlessly, mainly through its crafty guitar and vocal work.

Middle track, “The Tale of Beezlebu” starts off at a quicker pace than the previous songs and definitely shows that it’s a more rock-based song from its start. It even has a great musical break for nearly a solid minute that ends with a great, upbeat, set of group vocals that bring the song right back into its last chorus. The EP then moves on to “Severed,” which keeps that rock-based feel in the beginning, but begins to tone down the EP. Now that we’re only one song away from the end, it’s a good song to use to wind-down the album without losing too much energy. It even has lyrics such as “as the sun sets on your present ties/may the future be a gift,” which offers some bittersweet feelings towards growing up and moving forward in life- vibes that reminded me of the summer after I graduated.

“Severed” transitions neatly into the slowest song on the EP, “Search.” Beginning with a beautiful piano melody, some distant vocals eventually join in. It does a great job of being the last song by offering a new feel while tying in some strong riffs like those on earlier tracks. The song eventually fades out with just the piano and vocals, adding a neat sense of closure to the entire album. It was definitely the best choice to end the EP with.

The entire EP reminds me of my favorite songs from bands like My Chemical Romance and Anarbor, which means it’s definitely a great album. Or So It Seems will be available on May 6th. If you like what you hear, the band’s playing an EP release show at The Radiant in Nutley, NJ on Friday, May 9th!

Rating: 7.5 out of 8 slices

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