BLSHS releases the video for ‘Another Tuesday’

BLSHS (pronounced Blushes) continue to make waves with their latest track ‘Another Tuesday’, taken from their debut EP ‘Abstract Desires’. Have a listen on Soundcloud below.

The Austin Roa-directed video for the 80’s throwback track follows a musician taking the first steps on the journey to her new life, which in this case is trying out for a band whose advertisement she found on a light pole.

BLSHS are an innovative synth pop trio from Houston, Texas comprising of Michelle Miears, Chris Gore and Rick Carruth.

Despite Houston being a predominately hip-hop focused city, there has been a sharp emergence of talented electronic bands against this urban backdrop, and BLSHS are no exception. They continue to impress in the US, and beyond.


“While many may not know who BLSHS are now, that’s about to change in a hurry.” – Violent Success

“…heavy yet harmonic, full of both analog electronics and strong vocals, and as 80′s as can be.” – Audio Camp

BLSHS is a synthpop trio from Houston, TX. Combining Chris Gore and Rick Carruth’s 808-heavy, southern twist on 80s synthpop with Michelle Miears’ hauntingly powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, their music evokes emotion that will grab hold of your your heart and drag it to the dance floor.” – Arts Hound

“The raven-haired vocalist…offers dreamy feet-shuffling tracks and “sappy ballads” with an ‘80s vibe. She’s fearless as a songwriter, delving into deeply personal topics like lost love.” – Houston Magazine

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