Slam Dunk Festival Leeds 2014: Less Than Jake Set Review

This year’s headliners for Slam Dunk festival on the Macbeth stage were third-wave ska superstars Less Than Jake. Hot off the release of their ninth studio album See The Light, which came out late last year,  Less Than Jake recently toured the UK with Reel Big Fish and Zebrahead, but stuck around to headline the festival.

Forming in 1992, their career as a band has given them a long time to organise and work out how to put on a successful live show. And, as their reputation goes, they figured this out a long time ago and on Saturday, they showed Leeds that they haven’t forgotten and don’t plan on slowing down. Pulling material from nearly every record they have released, including the rarely played In With the Out Crowd. Pulling most of the set from their albums Anthem and Hello Rockview made for a set of nothing but ska-punk classics played with obscene amounts of energy.

But, of course, anyone who has seen Less Than Jake live knows full well that the crowd will get some solid entertainment through a variety of ways. Because it just wouldn’t be Less Than Jake without embarrassing security guards (who,  unfortunately, were not up for crowd surfing or beer drinking contests), Justin Bieber jokes, and ripping on people in the crowd. This time, they selected a young, shirtless lady from the crowd and pulled her and her other half on the stage whilst challenging their “oldest fan” to seduce her in front of her boyfriend.

However, Less Than Jake tore the roof off the packed venue which after a half hour of shoving you may get to the bottom of the stairs… maybe. They proved to the world once again why they are one of the most known and loved bands of the genre. Closing the show with an encore of ‘The Rest Of My Life,’ ‘Plastic Cup Politics,’ and finally closing the show and the festival with ‘The Science Of Selling Yourself Short.’ All we can say is we at the Daily Slice look forward to seeing what next year’s Slam Dunk festival brings.

Photo by Jade Till

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