Slam Dunk Festival Leeds 2014: Modern Baseball Set Review

In 2014, Modern Baseball embarked on their first trip to Europe which included Slam Dunk festival. The Philadelphia quartet were greeted with bad weather and an obscene amount of their shirts being worn by attendees of the festival.

As second band on the Atticus stage at quarter to three, they seemed to have half the festival in attendance at their set, seeing as there were people packing out the door trying to peer through for a view.

The band played tracks from both of their albums, 2012’s Sports and this year’s, You’re Gonna Miss it All, including their fan favourite hits, ‘The Weekend’ and ‘Your Graduation.’ Unfortunately ‘Your Graduation’ featured the only real downside to the set. Although through no fault of the band, drummer Sean Huber’s vocal microphone was near inaudible for his verse on the track.

Despite that, they managed to fill the hall with an indie rock and emo vibe so thick, it could have put a smile on Jesse Lacey’s face, in addition to whipping a large group of Scots into a frenzy, which really livened the room up. The band was clearly enjoying themselves as well, which really made their first UK festival appearance a spectacle to behold.

Photo by Charlie Wallis

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