Slam Dunk Festival Leeds 2014: MC Lars Set Review

Punk rock rapper, MC Lars, has been a staple at Slam Dunk festival, appearing now four years consecutively. This year, he appeared on the UPRAWR DJ stage, which makes for an extremely intimate show with no security between the DJ booth and the crowd.

Lars pulled out all the classics for his 45 minute set, including ‘Download this Song’ and ‘Mr Raven,’ along with newer fan-favourites such as ‘Lars Attacks,’ and most impressively of all, ‘This Gigantic Robot Kills,’ which led to possibly the first and only skank pit that DJ stage has ever seen.

He also really made the set feel unique through a variety of ways, such as changing lyrics to fit Leeds and the festival, along with getting the crowd to empty their pockets and hold up whatever they had whilst he individually went through as many as were up in a freestyle to the beat from the Dead Prez track ‘Hip Hop.’ He also showcased his true nerd (which is no secret) as well with a track about the beloved Simpsons character Hans Moleman, and how he is an inspirational figure as “you can’t keep Hans Moleman down.”

With so much crowd interaction and a bass that literally shook the room, it clearly demonstrated that MC Lars’ ideal setting is in a live show, as opposed to his recorded works.

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