Slam Dunk Festival Leeds 2014: Fandangle Set Review

After a six year absence from the UK music scene, ska-punk heroes Fandangle reunited for a UK tour and they brought themselves to Leeds to open the Macbeth stage at this year’s Slam Dunk festival. With their history of catchy songs and past touring with headliners Less Than Jake, it was a safe bet their set was going to be one worth catching.

With an extremely good turnout to see the band, Fandangle warmed the room up extremely well by getting the people moving with their energetic horns and a mix of vocals from their English and American vocalists, Tom Saunders and Adam Bantz, respectively. Their set was filled with nostalgic songs from their 2008 album Fly Away, which really helped liven up the room at half one in the afternoon which, of course, included the hit tracks ‘Cheap Escape,’ ‘I’m High’ and ‘Oliver Twist.’

Fandangle also cracked out a fantastic cover of Sublime’s ‘What I Got’ to really get the ska kids moving and include all those in attendance who may not be extremely well versed in Fandangle’s work. Frontman Adam Bantz helped to really get some movement from the crowd by climbing into the middle of the pit and stirring it all up from there after giving thanks to the band, which really showed how good it is to have them back.

Photo by Jade Till

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