Modern Baseball Interview @ Slam Dunk Festival

At Slam Dunk festival this year, we also caught up with Philadelphia heroes Ian Farmer and Jake Ewing from Modern Baseball and had them answer the questions that you sent in!

Joe – Derby, UK: Did you expect to have this level of success after only three years as a band?
Both: Hell no.
IF: We never thought we would play anywhere other than our basement and our friends basement. Like, we thought maybe we would play the Fire, which is this venue that our friend booked for and that held 130 people.
JE: The reason we even had a record out was because we wrote it and we just really wanted to have something to be proud of. Our friend Eric made up a record label out of thin air to create the record and we were like, “OK this is cool” but then people actually listened to it and it was like, “Oh what the heck?”
IF: It was really funny because when we were doing that, we were actually debating whether to make 100 copies or 300 copies and we were just so worried that Eric wasn’t gonna break even.
JE: Yeah, we did 300 and were like, “We might sell them in like two years… maybe”
IF: That is literally what we were thinking and, like, five weeks later we were like, “Oh? Well I guess it’s time to do another press.” It was crazy.

James – Plano, TX: What is the significance of the voicemail message played at the end of “Hours Outside In The Snow” and in the beginning of the music video for “Your Graduation?”
JE: Umm that is more of a Brendan question, but that is in reference to a relationship, so it is just kind of like, you know, both the songs are about a girl. And I guess voicemails kind of are a running theme in some of our songs. There is some longing romanticism in an unanswered call and just, “Hey, leave a message.” Trying to play off that.

Nick – Denville, NJ: What is a band who you hope to tour or collaborate with in the future?
IF: Definitely the Menzingers because they are our boys and definitely our collectively favourite band.
JE: Yeah, together we all love that band.
IF: Another big one for us also, who are playing this festival, is Motion City Soundtrack. When we saw they were playing we were like, “Ok, we are doing this. We don’t care about anything else”.
JE: Gaslight Anthem.
IF: Yes Gaslight Anthem. And Alkaline Trio.

Scott – London, UK: What bands influenced you growing up?
IF: Oh, for me I was always pretty much a ska and punk kid. My biggest bands, though, were not always ska and punk. My favourite band of all time- and have been for probably the last eight or nine years- is Queens of the Stone Age.
JE: I thought you were gonna say Smash Mouth.
IF: I do love Smash Mouth, but their first record is so ska-punk and that’s the one that I love. Going to see them this summer with Sugar Ray and Blues Traveler. But other big bands for me were definitely Green Day, Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms, Streetlight Manifesto and yeah, I could rattle off a million more names.
JE: For me and Brendan, the biggest influences on our songwriting were like Motion City Soundtrack, Say Anything, Weatherbox, and Gaslight Anthem, too. So those are like the big four for us.

Randy – Grimsby, UK: What places would you most like to tour?
JE: Ohhh, well we just did a bunch of those places.
IF: This was, like, our first time on this continent. In Europe so we did all over the UK, except we didn’t do Ireland. So I would say Ireland, Australia, and I am alone on this one, well not really, it’s just a running joke we have… I would love to go to Japan. Jake hates Japan.
JE: I don’t hate Japan. Just the idea is really overwhelming to me, with all the lights and everything.
IF: And also Mars! That would be fun. We would settle for the Moon. Whatever we can get.

Caira – Richford, WI: Which music video did you have the most fun filming?
JE: Well they were both a tonne of fun, but they were also, like, no sleep for four days.
IF: I would say for me, personally, and probably Jake and Sean too, because we weren’t as involved in the second video ‘cus the storyline sort of centred around Brendan… But it would definitely be ‘The Weekend’ for us. That was a wild, wild weekend. We probably got a total of eleven hours of sleep maybe over those three nights. And only one of them were in our own bed.
JE: But it was like one of the best times we have ever had.
IF: The first day, we had, like, a big party at our house.
JE: Half the shoot was just in our own home with, like, thirty of our best friends.
IF: Yeah just doing all these fun things and then the next day we went to the director Kyle’s [Thrash] hometown in the middle of just nowhere country Pennsylvania. And we did a bunch of really fun things like played chicken, climbed a bunch of trees, I shot a gun for the first time. I shot a beer out of the sky with a shotgun and I had never touched a firearm before.

Hannah – Glasgow, Scotland: What do you like to do in your downtime?
JE: We go to a lot of shows when we are home.
IF: Yeah, other things. We really like recording music.
JE: Yeah, we do a lot of recording when we are home. Record our friends’ bands for fun.
IF: Other things, we watch a lot of movies… Oh yeah. I guess that’s about it.

Alex – Leeds, UK: Who are you most excited to see at Slam Dunk?
IF: Him [points to Jake] Motion City, for me… Less Than Jake. I love Less Than Jake.

Greg – Forfar, Scotland: If you woke up with bananas for hands. What would you do?
IF: Ohhh, I would be way too tempted to eat them. That would be horrible. And then knowing me, I would probably slip on my hands that are peeled after I ate them and seriously hurt myself.
JE: I feel like a banana as a hand wouldn’t be very useful at all, so you may as well just eat it and then you get a good breakfast.

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