Slam Dunk Festival Leeds 2014: Motion City Soundtrack Set Review

Motion City Soundtrack were one of the most anticipated bands of Slam Dunk festival due to their infrequent UK shows, packing in the fans and filling up most of the main stage. When the lights dropped, the room turned into a frenzy.

They opened their set with ‘Better Open The Door’ from 2005’s Commit This To Memory and played songs from every album except their newest release, 2012’s Go.  Instead, their 11 song set contained nothing but fan favourites, ranging from old hits like ‘My Favourite Accident’ through to later singles like ‘Her Words Destroyed My Planet.’ Aside from a flawless setlist which caused the crowd to become restless for the entire set, the band members helped enrich the show in a variety of ways. For instance, Jesse brought a whole lot of energy to the stage and towards the end, he showed the crowd he can rock a cowbell well enough to rival Will Ferrell. Justin’s charm and charisma shined through and managed to recover from breaking two guitar strings… in two consecutive songs. And not to forget Claudio Rivera, who showed the UK just how capable he is stepping in the footsteps of Tony Thaxton since taking his place behind the kit last year.

All in all, Motion City Soundtrack really made an impact with their first UK show of the year and really displayed how all their hard work of relentless touring over their 12 years as a band have culminated into why they are known to be among the best live bands no matter the setting.

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