Slam Dunk Festival Leeds 2014: Capdown Set Review

After reuniting 4 years ago, political British ska-punk legends Capdown took the Macbeth stage at the University of Leeds to tear the roof off of this year’s Slam Dunk festival. As frontman and saxophonist Jake Sim-Fielding put it, they were there to play “some deeply unfashionable, but secretly enjoyable music”.

The band pulled out works from their past three albums since before their initial split in 2007, including their biggest hit ‘Ska Wars’ from their 2000 release, Civil Disobedients, along with other hits that brought many people in attendance to remember the heyday of British third-wave ska, in which Capdown played an important part.

Playing with such fury and energy, it would have been easy to mistake the room for a small British club in the early 2000s. Even with the larger venue than the typical settings of the early days, their Slam Dunk set had similarities- most notably the lack of floor space as every which way you looked, there were some people skanking away or causing hell in the pit. It was a perfect demonstration of how British ska-punk and hardcore is alive and well in Leeds.

Though, despite a malfunction with Sim-Fielding’s microphone over the last couple of songs, the intensity of the crowd and their screaming the lyrics made it hard to notice, and just made the show seem all that more like the old days.

Photo by Jade Till

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