Album Review: Vanna – Void

Vanna-Void-coverBoston-based five-piece hardcore band Vanna have landed with their highly anticipated fifth full-length LP, Void. This is their first release under the Pure Noise Records family since signing with them in February this year.

The album opens with its title track which is a stand up exhibition of what this band is about: heavy thrash instrumentation with deep, morbid lyrics. However, the second track, “Toxic Pretender,” mixes things up with a guitar and vocal intro before bringing in the thrash verses followed by a melodic chorus, which helps give the song more depth than just  thrash from start to finish. 

The melodic sound that creeps through in certain tracks is where most of the high points on the album lie. The track “Digging” brings a new sound to the record. With a very atmospheric introduction, it shows the abilities Vanna has when it comes to composition.

Those three sounds nearly sum up the entire album, with the exceptions of “Pornocopia,” where, towards the beginning of the song, it gives off the sound of a heavier version of The Bronx- a thrash song with elements of solid hardcore punk.

The final track, “Bienvenue,” is also a major exception and is one of the strongest tracks on the album. With a melodic, slow tempo, it brings the heavy instrumentation whilst continuing the slower guitar riff and some powerful singing on top from lead guitarist Joel Pastuszak. With the spoken word in the middle of the song, it makes an extremely suitable closing track.

Overall, I think it is safe to say that Vanna fans will not be disappointed with their newest release, and they may even reel in a few new fans, but it doesn’t come without its faults. The high points of the album come through the melodic moments because some moments of the thrash riffs are so intangible it is hard to hear through it and get the full feel of the song which, in turn, leads a few moments to sound similar and get a bit repetitive.  But aside from that, the album really has some strong moments, well written tracks, and is a solid album.

Rating: 6 slices out of 8
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