Concert Review – Möngöl Hörde at Nottingham Rock City

2 years ago Möngöl Hörde exploded onto the scene with a grand total of four live shows including both Reading and Leeds festival dates. But now they have returned for what very well could be their first and only UK tour. Bringing with them Oxygen Thief and drummer Ben Dawson’s full time band Palehorse on the road with them for the 9 day trek up and down the country.

Opening the show, hot off the release of their new album ‘The Half Life of Facts‘ was Oxygen Thief who were playing to a criminally small crowd. Primarily playing off their new album, the Brighton trio warmed the room up nicely with a solid sound a good stage presence and kept the crowd entertained between songs. 

Palehorse however surprisingly felt somewhat out of place on the line-up. Though they did have high amounts of energy and were getting the crowd moving, many songs sounded indistinguishable from the next and some slightly awkward talk between the two front men. However all said and done they paved the way and got the crowd ready for Möngöl Hörde.

Then it was time for the hardcore trio of Frank, Matt and Ben to take the stage in Nottingham for perhaps the only time. Wasting no time getting into the new album by opening with ‘Winky Face: The Mark of a Moron‘ followed by ‘Blistering Blue Barnacle‘. The whole band were completely on form with Matt Nasir’s baritone guitar shook the whole room with obscenely deep heavy riffs and Ben Dawson showed off his more technical side of drumming (after playing immediately after his Palehorse set) and Frank showed Nottingham that eight years of playing folk/punk hasn’t robbed him of his brutal vocals.

The whole band were also in good spirits by ripping on making jokes at the expense of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Jessie J and even offering their retort to Jessie J’s song Price Tag with the track ‘Staff to the Refund Counter‘. Playing the entirety of their debut album, with a few choice covers thrown in from Rage Against The Machine, Sepultura, Faith No More and Foo Fighters made for one hell of a set.

I can only hope that for everyone who was not able to make this tour, that they will play again. And to everyone heading to Reading and Leeds festival this year, this will be one band not to miss.

Rating: 7 Slices out of 8
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