Album Review: Mike TV – Sausage Hospital

Do you miss the Green Day who they still dyed their hair and played 10463916_10152841719244863_8207132883080339690_nsongs that fit so well in tiny sweaty venues. Well never fear, for Mike TV (Formally known and celebrated as Pickled Dick and you may know them as the band that has that chap who went on Come Dine With Me and got naked) have returned. Their highly anticipated second studio album Sausage Hospital has dropped for all to hear.

5 seconds into their first album in 6 years, it is evident that they haven’t lost an ounce of their sense of humour as the opening track is a 44 second long greeting from a choir as they sing “Welcome to the sausage hospital”. But after that delightful welcome, Mike TV deliver with the intensely upbeat pop-punk sound that they have crafted for so long with the song ‘Letting Go‘. With a bass line that shows bassist and lead vocalist Dom’s thumb is still made of solid steel and that they can still write fantastically catchy lyrics.

Always adept at filling an album with both meaningful songs as well as humours songs, for instance the song ‘Faded Blue‘ which keeps the upbeat melody despite the song being about a lost relationship, which pretty much everyone will be able to relate to. But then the album delivers songs like ‘90’s Teenager‘ which as you may imagine is about growing up in the 90’s and caring more about discovering music  than school.

Sausage Hospital is also a testament to how well Mike TV have developed as songwriters over their time as a band. For instance the lyrical hook of ‘Liquid Squidge‘ is catchy enough but throughout the track, it features backing vocals which add to the song greatly and gives it a much fuller sound. The deeply reminiscent  track ‘Pasquinade’ also takes the band the furthest away from their typical style out of any song on the album with the acoustic intro and slightly folky tone it shows that Mike TV aren’t just your run of the mill pop-punk band.

All in all, this is a fine return for Mike TV and shows that they have only gotten better. The only thing that could be thought of as an issue with this album is the little variation around the genre as all songs are upbeat with a high tempo, yet that is hardly cause for complaint so get your wallet out.

Rating: 8 Slices out of 8
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