EP Review: Four Year Strong – Go Down in History

The iconic 4-piece easy-core band, Four Year Strong is back with their new EP, Go Down in History. After Four Year Strong released In Some Way, Shape or Form in 2011, without their keyboardist Josh Lyford, it seemed like they had lost their fun element. Almost three years later, Go Down in History brings Four Year Strong back to it’s roots and highlights exactly what they were originally all about: back-and-forth vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and just having a good time.

The EP opens with “What’s in the Box” and right off the bat you can tell that Four Year Strong is back and better than ever. When the rhythm changes after the line, “… But still I wear all my scars with pride,” you can’t help but nod your head. The song ends with a classic Four Year Strong break down, led in by a cascading drumbeat and quiet backing vocals to yelling with the squeal of a guitar.

“Living Proof of a Stubborn Youth” follows with yet another excellent example of Four Year Strong’s classic heavier style. On the other hand, first single “Tread Lightly” is a slower paced but more vocal driven track, giving listeners a taste of what the rest of the EP would sound like.

The title track of this album is perhaps the strongest. This anthematic song is sure to attract the younger generation pop-punk kids who maybe haven’t heard of Four Year Strong. The chorus is similar to the rhythm change in the first track and is easy to sing along to. By the end of the song, or at least after a few times listening through, you should know the words and be singing them as loud as you can.

Go Down in History closes perfectly with “So You’re Saying There’s a Chance…” Aside from the opening riff, this track is more vocal driven unlike most of the previous songs. The back and forth vocals between frontmen Dan O’Connor and Alan Day have always been present in there music, and is highlighted especially on this track. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this as there set closing song and hear most, if not all of these tracks scattered among oldies but goodies from Rise or Die Trying and Enemy of the World.

Four Year Strong have proven with this EP that they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Between this new music and playing Vans Warped Tour, Four Year Strong have certainly put themselves back in the spotlight. So if you’re a fan of old school Four Year Strong easy-core, this is the album for you. It definitely doesn’t suck to be Four Year Strong right now.

Rating: 7 out of 8 Slices
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