Interview with James Colla of Fourth & Coast

I caught up with James Colla, one half of Fourth & Coast, to discuss everything new and exciting for the band. Check it out below!

For those that don’t know, introduce yourself and what you do in the band.
James here! I play guitar in Fourth & Coast.

 Here at the Daily Slice, we love pizza, so what is your favorite type of pizza?
Pizza is my jam. Oh man it’s either pepperoni and garlic or barbecue chicken. 

I know you guys have toured with bands like Hollywood Ending and Paradise Fears, how have supporting these tours impacted the band?
We have, those are all really cool guys. I think the fact that we got to tour with those guys early on in our music career had a big impact on us because we got to see how things were done on a bigger scale.

How was recording your newest single with Jordan Witzigreuter from The Ready Set? Has it been popular with your fans?
We were really pumped to be able to get Jordan on the song, I think he absolutely killed it. Fans have loved it too, the overall reception of the song has been so great.

Other than the single, is there other music fans can look forward to hearing?
There definitely is! We’re actually heading into the studio this week with Pj Bianco to do a couple song which hopefully you guys will hear soon!

You guys recently toured with Jennel Garcia, how was that?
 It was so rad. Every single band on that tour was so cool. Usually there’s a time period before you become friends with the other bands, but on this tour it was an immediate friendship which is so cool.

Will the band be on tour anytime soon?
 We’re not totally sure yet. Hopefully! Right now our primary focus is getting some new music done and out for everyone!

Where can fans, new and old, find your music and stay connected with the band?
Youtube, Twitter, Facebook. All of those are really great ways to talk to us! Our music is also on iTunes and Spotify as well!

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