Interview with Dave Grelle of The Feed

I caught up with St. Louis band, The Feed’s front band Dave Grelle and asked him about the band’s newest album.

Parin: So let’s start this off with what is your name, what do you do, and your favorite type of pizza?
Dave: My name is  Dave Grelle, I play music, I sing and play keys for the band the feed and my favorite kind of pizza has gotta be pepperoni  portobello green pepper.

P: Who else is in the band and what instruments do they play?
D: We’ve got Kevin Bowers as our drummer, Ben Reece is our bassist and sax player, does a little both, and Jordan Heimburger is our guitarist.

P: What type of genre do you consider your band to be?
D: Well I think it’s for the most part high energy rock and roll. We do a lot of genre jumping, I think you can hear bits of soul, punk, some classic rock stuff, a little bit of rock, we jump around a bit.

P: What kind of highlights has your band gotten so far?
D: Some of the cooler things we’ve done in the past have been supporting bands from Chuck Berry, a St. Louis legend here in town to Ben Souls to The Roots, some really cool acts along the way.

P: That’s awesome and that probably has gotten you a lot of different fans?
D: That’s for sure and the fact that we are kind versatile and are able to cater a set to a different crowds, I think that helps us with exposure in general , getting our music out to a lot of different people.

P: That’s always great, and I saw your newest album is titled Outsider, that should be out soon?
D: Yeah exactly, Outsider, it’ll be out August 5th, we’ve got a handful of shows throughout the country to support it and we’re looking forward it. We start touring in mid July and we’re looking forward to playing in some of our favorite cities.

P: How has the reaction been so far for this new album?
D: Actually since our first record, we’ve taken quite a bit of time off, we still toured both as a duo and trio, for some time it was just the drummer and myself. We did a lot of gigs, we recorded quite a bit of music and we had a bunch of stuff in the vault that we were waiting for the right time to release  but we went from a duo to a trio and for the first time we were a quartet and we wanted to release something that was representative of the current group. So yeah we’re finally at the point where we could release some music but what we decided to do is just write a bunch of music instead on behalf of the quartet. There’s two tracks that we did previously as a trio on the record that just seemed to fit really well with the flow of everything. I would say the fans are really excited about the release because the nice thing is we’ve been known for the live performances and that always gave the fans something to check out but they never have anything to take home with them so finally after too long off from the studio, we finally have, I think, a really really cool record that im excited for people to hear.

P: You mentioned that the band will be touring soon?
D: Yeah we’re doing a few big cities, like one off here and there, we’re flying off to New York in mid July and after that we do Chicago and Nashville and we’re doing daytrotter session up outside of Chicago in Rock Island, IL which has been a cool bucket list thing for me and then we have our homecoming, our homecoming,  big album release show in St. Louis the 26th of July, that should be really fun, and yeah that we’re just gonna start off that and then come the fall down the road a little more. Where are you from?

P: I’m from San Francisco!
D: Oh cool! Nice nice, we need to get back out there. I know in late September we have a show in Seattle and I think we’re trying to build a tour kinda down the coast from that.

P: That sounds awesome! I will keep my eye on that! And the last question, where can fans, new and old, check you guys out and stay connected?
D: The best way is to go to where there are links to check out our music, see when we will be playing next in your town, it has links to everything from our Facebooks to Instagrams to anything to stay in touch with the band. There’s music on Soundcloud and Bandcamp right now, our two singles are streaming now, you can preorder the album starting July 1st and that should be on spotify, itunes, and amazon some time once the album is out. We also have a cool video out July 2nd.

P: I’ll be sure to check all of that out! Is there anything else you want to say?
D: I think we covered it all! I’m excited that we’ve gotten all this attention for the album, people seem to enjoying the new singles. We tried to keep it as raw as possible. We recorded a lot of stuff on tapes, we like the limitations in the studio, we try to hit everything first take, it kind of keeps it as live as possible and it kind of gives it a raw sound.

P: Thank you! I really look forward to hearing the rest of this album and I can’t wait to see you guys in the Bay!


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