EP Review: Grown Apart – Second Home

Grown Apart - Second HomeGrown Apart are a 4 piece punk band from Leeds, UK. After only a couple of months as a band, they have now released ‘Second Home’, a seven track EP bursting at the seams with good old fashion punk music, with those emo style lyrics.

Opening with ‘Rick’s Flares‘ which beings with a sample from the movie Hot Rod, we are then thrown into a short but sweet track which will have you singing along in no time at all. Bringing together group vocals and a technical guitar riff together but in such a way that nothing is overpowered and it all sits together just right.

And things are then quite nicely shaken up with the track ‘Strung Out’ which is just one minute and eleven seconds of filthy hardcore, with blasting drums, sudden changes in tempo and a gritty bass riff , it is somewhat reminiscent of those short angry Sum 41 tracks like ‘A.N.I.C.‘ but better and actually enjoyable.

The track ‘Layabout‘ is another short but sweet track which features a nice fade in of the guitar, and leads to the riff being carried throughout the track until what can only be described as fantastically British lyrics.

The final track ‘Wishbone‘ was originally released in June in its own but as now been added on to close this EP. Starting with a sombre guitar riff, the track quickly picks up into a heartfelt pop-punk track with those emotional and very singable choruses that will eventually no doubt make their way onto a picture of a starry night and posted on tumblr. and closing again with the sombre riff to close out the last fifteen minutes.

All in all, Grown Apart’s strongest asset is their ability to mix between genre’s and keep everything new and fresh whereas a lot of bands will decide on one.  And of course due to being a new band, the EP doesn’t have the most polished sound but that in some way adds to the gritty and punk sound of the songs themselves.

Second Home is available now right HERE for a name your own price. In this reviewers opinion, It’s worth a small donation to hear more from these guys in the future.

Rating: 7 Slices out of 8
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