EP Review: Karate In the Garage – Here Goes Nothing

Karate in the Garage Here Goes NothingKarate in the Garage are a four piece female fronted punk band from Huntington Beach, California. Formed in 2012, they have recently released their first EP, entitled ‘Here Goes Nothing‘.


The first track, ‘Little Citizen‘  opens with a bass riff which immediately feels like a throwback to Black Flag’s ‘TV Party‘ before introducing the rest of the band with a punchy tone. Though the real strength of the song lies in the vocals, with their very clean sound and not only the power behind front-woman Tahlena’s vocals but also the group vocals sound tight and really tie the track together.

The track ‘Crash & Burn‘ is interesting as the instrumentation seems to play at a higher tempo than the vocals for the verses until it all catches up together with the extremely catchy chorus. The bridge however does well to keep the song interesting and throws things about towards the end.

Track three ‘Arsenal‘ stands out from the rest from the very start with it’s quiet intro leading into a intricate lead guitar riff and then the somewhat sombre tone once the vocals kick in. Even throughout the chorus, the track features a much more emotional feel and the more upbeat first two tracks. Though with this more serious tone, comes a different style of song writing which is much more technical in its instrumentation, especially with the guitars.

The most striking thing about final track ‘Dolls R 4 Gurlz‘ is the similarities with much of Bruce Dickinson’s work with Iron Maiden regarding the vocals. Though this does transfer throughout the whole song which does feature a heavier tone which seems to resemble metal more than punk. Yet this allows the band to showcase their ability to write in multiple genres whilst still not feeling out of place from the rest of the EP.

At the end of the day, there isn’t much you can say to complain about this EP, it features some great song-writing, some impressive musicianship and extremely clean vocals.

Here Goes Nothing is available now right here

Rating: 6 Slices out of 8
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