EP Review: Nicholas Edward Hertzberg – Dreary

a1997936654_10Born out of south New Jersey, musician and member of ‘These Branches‘ Nicholas Edward Hertzberg has released another solo EP  under his DIY label Deplorable Sounds. This time taking  the form of a 5 track EP titled Dreary.

The opening track ‘The Coming to Fruition‘ effectively sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Featuring a steady introduction of instruments and solid use of an echo to give the track some depth which is helped with the layered vocals. The track also picks up pace and develops an interesting sound towards the end before coming to a steady close.

‘Sunken’ is a track which features a very heavy and somewhat dark tone with again the echoed vocals under the clean guitars and drums which are whilst simple really fit the overall expression being conveyed through the track. Although elements of the guitar solo two thirds of the way into the track don’t overly work together too well with the slow and meaningful melody.

The instrumental track ‘Corners’ whilst deserves credit for some experimental sounds to it layered over incoherent speech, does feel significantly repetitive as all of the key components of the track are introduced a minute in and stays at way until they are faded out one by one at the end.

The penultimate track, ‘Sleep Studies’ again takes that strongly echoed tone, particularly on the vocals with the dry delivery. Which begins to sounds slightly repetitive until half way through the track when the guitars go to the bridge and produce a riff that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Studio Ghibli film yet don’t sound overly out of place. However it is the acoustic solo which really brings some character to the track and plays out until the close.

The final and longest track ‘The Things I Would Do I & II’ is another instrumental and luckily isn’t quite as repetitive as the previous instrumental and does shake things up fairly well at certain parts in the track but mostly keeps the same tone as the rest of the EP and doesn’t particularly bring much new to the equation.

In summary, if dark and atmospheric is your kind of thing then this EP has a lot to offer but there are certainly elements that won’t be to everyone’s taste. And although some areas do become slightly dreary (ironically) it deserves credit for the experimental sounds that it comes with.

Dreary is out now and available right HERE

Rating: 6 Slices out of 8
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Photo Credit: Caitlin Darcy

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