Interview with Heart to Heart

Check out our exclusive interview with Nick of Heart to Heart from the Pure Noise Records tour below!

Can you introduce yourself with your name, what you do in the band, and your favorite pizza topping?
My name is Nicholas Anthony and I am the vocal chords of the fine group of extraordinary gentlemen that is Heart to Heart. I have to be honest with you my favorite topping would have to be the sauce. I feel as human beings we are all worried about what’s outside when in reality it’s what’s under the cheese and the toppings. Get saucy.

Sticking with the pizza theme, since we are a pizza-themed site, if you could have had any pizzeria cater this tour, who would you pick?
Elizabeth Pizzeria from Elizabeth, NJ. That pizza is out of this world! I’m telling the cheese oozes off of every slice exciting my taste buds with every nibble.

How has the tour been? Anything surprising?
Tour has been incredible thus far. Nothing surprises me. These bands on the tour are insane. It’s basically like the MTV Jackass tour.

Any problems getting into Canada? I’ve heard way too many tour horror stories about crossing the border.
Not a single problem. They love us there. We love Canada.

Is the dynamic of this tour any different from other tours you’ve been on since you’re all part of the pure noise “family,” per se?
Not so much. We just know pretty much everyone on this tour which is rad. We have been having the best time. It’s all in gods glory. For we are all blessed.

What dates are you looking forward to most?
Chain Reaction. Always dope.

Where is Heart to Heart from originally and what’s the music scene like there?
We are from the central coast of California. The scene is sorry. Real sorry. Kinda reminds me of Snooki.

If you could have taken a local band from your home town out with you on this tour who would you bring?
Hmmmm, Id probably have to go with Night Riots. Give them a listen. They are taking over the world.

If you could collaborate in the studio with someone on this tour, who would you collaborate with? What would sound like?
Well lucky for you all I already have. Myself and Taylor from Handguns have been making rap/R&B songs for the last few days. We only write hits. Freaky hits.

If you could have members from another band on the tour join you for a song, who would you have join you? What song?
Front Porch Step has been coming out and jammin some “Bad Habits” with ya boys. That’s been dope.

Any big plans after this tour ends?
Chinese buffets, poker, and more touring. The American Dream.

To bring it full circle with the pizza theme, my last questions is if your band was a pizza, who would make up each part and what toppings would go on it?
There would be like the dough and cheese and some pep and whatever. We need each other. We are a wild bunch. Nice question, you stumped me.

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