Album Review: NOFX – Backstage Passport Soundtrack

12 Jacket (3mm Spine)Six years ago, punk legends NOFX were the subject of an eight episode documentary on FUSE following their 2007 world tour. With the intention of regaining the dangerous and unpredictable feeling of touring the United States in the 80s. That mission was definitely achieved and now leading up to the highly anticipated second series, the soundtrack for season one has been released through Fat Wreck Chords.

Filled to the brim with new and old NOFX songs, the album opens with the theme tune to the show with an extended opening of classic churning bass and thudding of drums which builds the tension and leaves no NOFX record complete without it. Until eventually it is let loose with the fast, raw trademark sound they have built over the years, topped with Fat Mike’s voice and lyrics describing his intention to go on a “sketchy tour” and “drink and golf and fight and snort”.

Though the only thing missing from the theme tune is something offensive enough to make your eyes widen in disbelief you just heard it… But that is not in short supply on the rest of the record. Most notably on the track “The Greatest Country in the World” which few bands would dare play never mind play live in South Africa. With the opening lyrics “You’ll probably get carjacked in South Africa/And the women get attacked more in South Africa” and “At least you have the most cases of AIDS” it is was a bold move and not only did they play it, watch the documentary and you can see them do it.

Along with new tracks like “We’re Bros” and “Punk Rock Passport” the record also digs up and remixes old tracks including “No Fun In Fundamentalism”, “Last Night Was Really Fun?” and “Your Hubcaps Cost More Than My Car”. The live version of “Leaving Jesusland” is also a nice treat.

The Backstage Passport Soundtrack is effectively a best of album for some of NOFX’s lesser known songs and a good way to introduce people to exactly what the band is about. Fast, melodic punk rock with a glazing of thought provoking and offensive lyrics.

Backstage Passport Soundtrack is available now from Fat Wreck Chords.

Rating: 6.5 out of 8

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