Already Broke Your New Year’s Resolution?

We’re a little over a week into 2015 and by now, many of us have already abandoned our resolutions. So why do many of us make resolutions only to break them? Personally, I think it’s because we are making a resolution based on other people. “Working out because xxx thinks I should get in shape,” “get great grades to make my guardians happy,” and “get out and adventure more because my friends think I’m boring.”

However, there are many people that are able to stick to their resolutions. They work out because they wanted to, made the honor roll because they wanted to learn, and traveled to a new place because they wanted an adventure. Make 2015 a year about YOU. Doing what makes YOU happy, and that’s all a resolution should be. 

2014 was a memorable year for me because I did things that made me happy and I plan on carrying that into this year. I graduate high school, I’m going to college, and setting out on my own adventure. It’s easy to pave a path of happiness into 2015 and I’m sure you can do the same. If it seems like you’ll be ending your resolution or already have, it’s not too late to change your resolution or make a new one, you’re just a week in.

Make your 2015 a year you smiled and laughed from start to end. Here’s ten ways to make your 2015 the best year yet!

  1. Go to a concert/ festival, or ten

  2. Binge watch all your favorite movies and tv shows

  3. Do absolutely nothing

  4. Take a class that you’ll actually enjoy

  5. Buy something for yourself (and your friends if you want)

  6. Travel to places you’ve never been

  7. …Or to places you go every year

  8. Workout and/or diet if it’s something you want to try

  9. Make new friends

  10. and spend time with your friends and family.

Remember, make this year about YOU!

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