Interview With Histories

While they’re hard at work on their full-length album, Springfield, MO band Histories found some time to sit down and answer a few questions for us.

TDS: To start off, can I have your names, role in the band, and your favorite type of pizza?

Grant (guitar, vocals): Pineapple and Jalapeño

Keaton (drums): Pineapple and jalapeño

Shon (bass, vocals): Bacon and jalapeño, thin crust

Aaron (vocals): Bacon and jalapeño, stuffed crust.  We like jalapeños. 

TDS: Out of all the milestones you’ve hit as a band, which do you think is the one that has defined you the most?

H: I suppose milestones are typically supposed to be exciting or glorious, but the most monumental thing we’ve done has probably been quitting our jobs and ditching our lease. Some of the best times of my life have been in that house, but momentum can only take you so far when the money from your minimum wage job is all going to support a contract to a house that’s both literally and metaphorically falling apart. We needed to get out of there and, somehow, survived the transition. After everything that we’ve gone through in the last year, I think our relentless determination and faith in each other is what has defined us the most.

TDS: Which bands or artists are you currently listening to?

H: Desaparecidos, Dads, As Cities Burn, The Hotelier, Pianos Become the Teeth, Grammer, and The Rentals to name a few

TDS: Which bands or artists do you feel influence your music the most?

H: I’m sure our influences can vary from song to song, but probably Pianos, Circa, and Brand New

TDS: Do you have a certain process in writing songs together?

H: When we’re together, typically just jamming off of what one of us comes up with, but we’ve been apart for a few months now, so we’ve just been writing separately off of the demos we’ve got recorded. We’re all pretty anxious for the guys to get together next weekend, though, and hash out what we’ve been working on.

TDS: What were the high and low points you faced when recording and releasing your Eps?

H: So many of our friends turned out for our “Fri[ends]” release (ironic, I know); I’d probably call that the high point…just finally getting those songs out there and realizing all the support we had. The low point for me was when I was supposed to go record vocals for “I’m Still Doing Well.” We were really hoping to get that ep finished and release those songs earlier in 2013, but I got pretty sick right when vocals were supposed to start and was going to a wedding in India at the end of the week, so everything just got pushed way back. It was hard to find the time to get back into the studio and get everything done since I’d missed my allotted slot, and I know everybody was pretty discouraged by that.

TDS: Besides the LP (which we’ll get to later), do you have any big plans in the near future?

H: Touring. Traveling. That’s all we want to do. We’ll surely try to put together another music video for one of our newer songs, but until then, we just want to play.

TDS: What is the weirdest experience you’ve faced together?

H: The first time we all recorded together in our previous band [we] ended up being with a mechanophiliac(he (somehow) banged cars), so that was pretty weird to find out midway through.

TDS: I see you guys are planning an LP, would you like to talk more about that?

H: The lyrical content is definitely a good combination of addressing internal conflicts and struggles with other people in our lives. The ultimate goal has always been to continue to learn and grow from our experiences and surroundings through writing, and these songs are certainly no different.

TDS: What are you guys bringing to the table this time around?

H: A lot of hard work. We’re all extremely critical of our individual parts, so we’re creating the best of what we possibly can after having had some time with our previous releases to become more congruent and time apart to critique. Some of the songs reflect the pop aspect of fri[ends], but we’ve been really pushing on this album to find new ways to push ourselves and be creative. The ambience and dynamics in some of these new songs seems to be a pretty strong reflection of that.

TDS: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

H: Our first two ep’s are free on Bandcamp. Download ‘em, and keep an eye out for our tour dates this year! We’ll have em up in just a few weeks! Thanks, Daily Slice!

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