EP Review: Jenny Owen Youngs – Slack Tide

Brooklyn based artist Jenny Owen Youngs has returned with her first release since 2012’s full length An Unwavering Band of Light. Her return comes in the form of the EP Slack Tide, made possible through Pledge Music.

Slack Tide doesn’t take many great leaps from Youngs’ past work however not that is in anyway a bad thing. The first track Over the Bow has the slow tempo and acoustic guitar under Youngs’ soft voice but with a great echo and atmosphere that really gives weight to the track and really comes into effect in the choruses.

“Born to Lose”  is the track that stands out, largely due to it keeping within the ocean theme of the release through to its sea shanty style, all the while keeping a backdrop of that great tone over the chorus. The track “Pirates” is another slow and solemn song that Youngs does so well, with its deeply personal feel, it is clear that she poured her heart into this record once again. Both of these being re-workings of tracks from An Unwavering Band of Light.

It is evidently money well spent by all who pledged to make this release possible because it has all accumulated into these 5 tracks, which are overflowing with an atmosphere that really resonates on a personal level. The EP also contains a softer reworking of “Led To Sea” from 2009’s Transmitter Failure and a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.”

Rating: 7 slices out of 8
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Slack Tide is available from Band Camp, iTunes and Jenny’s online store.

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