Album Review: The Matches – 10YearsEVDKTL Live!

a2709107866_10Californian art-punks The Matches have risen out of the ashes. After going on hiatus in August 2009, the band took to facebook and twitter posting old photos of the band after a long period of inactivity on their sites. They then announced a string of reunion shows to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut album, the relentlessly pop-punk E.Von Dahl Killed The Locals. Their original bassist, Justin San Souci is included in the line-up.

10YearsEVDKTL Live! is the result of that show, playing the album front to back in front of a sold out crowd. Like the studio album, the thick and fast launch into Dog-Eared Page shows that the band are not making their reunion a half measure. Tearing through Audio Blood as well before their is any word to the crowd. “Thank you guys, it is fucking good to be back. Welcome to the time machine”.

With all the classics like “Chain Me Free,” “The Restless,” and “Sick Little Suicide” played to perfection, it can only make you regret you were not in attendance (or if you were, how lucky you were). The set even comes with a rather amusing disclaimer about the track “Say 18” is now quite creepy 10 years later. The rest of the set was padded out with fan-favourites mostly from Decomposer. But “Wake The Sun” from the bands final full length A Band In Hope makes an appearance, as does the track “Superman,” which was cut from the Epitaph re-release of E. Von Dahl Killed The Locals.

10YearsEVDKTL Live! serves its purpose of bring back strong feelings of nostalgia, back to either when you first heard E. Von Dahl or when you yourself were at the age of 17-18, as they were when it was written and recorded. It is also pleasing to hear such a strong crowd presence at the show, as the band said “the audience on this tour was the 5th member of The Matches.” Though the band haven’t been active for six years, they still hold a special place in the hearts of many and that is clear to the band and anyone who listens to this release.

Rating: 6 Slices out of 8
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10YearsEVDKTL Live! is out now

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