Album Review: Chilled Monkey Brains – APEocalypse

a4244535548_2Chilled Monkey Brains are a six-piece ska-core band hailing from Tallahassee, Florida. Formed in 2009, they have since played the Vans Warped Tour and shared stages with the likes of Less Than Jake, Voodoo Glow Skulls and Catch 22. They are now back with their second full length release, APEocalypse.

The album opens with ‘Enter The Wasteland’. A fitting opener with the atmospheric rain, thunder and church bells sounds before bringing in a power metal guitar riff and trombones along side. When the track gets up to full speed, it is manic riffs and horns at full speed which at moments bears slight resemblance to early Howards Alias. 

Tracks like ‘Soldiers’ and ‘Mongoose’ really show the bands heavier punk side as opposed to ‘Go Home and Be A Family Man’ which with the synth doesn’t sound a million miles away from a heavier instrumental Aquabats tracks. With the very melodic tone throughout and the upbeat synth and horns battling it out against the heavy guitars.

The track ‘Note To Self’ is probably the most accurate representation of the band as it perfectly displays what you expect when the words “ska””punk” and “metal” are thrown around together. Complete chaos between the heavy metal guitars, upbeat horns, screamed vocals divided up with a ska rhythm.

the Ska genre has a pretty heavy reputation now due mostly due to the fans, ska kids were never the most popular. However bands like Chilled Monkey Brains are making a pretty strong case to give the genre some solid credibility, much like the British ska scene did back in the early 2000s. But now going about it with  thrash guitars, it is a wild experiment and it has to be said. It’s working.

Rating: 6 Slices out of 8
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