Survay Says! – Slam Dunk Festival 2015

Kicking off 2015’s Slam Dunk Festival was New Jersey’s own Survay Says! Embarking on their first UK Tour in support of Californian ska legends, Goldfinger (also appearing at the festival), Leeds was their fourth stop and they did not disappoint. 

Despite being the first band of the day, Survay Says! opened the day to an ever growing crowd. Winning over a number of new fans with a plethora of t-shirts being seen over the rest of the day. The band played a number of songs from their latest album, Observations of the Human Condition, which was released last year. Some songs included “I Aim To Misbehave” and “Cake Eater,” featuring Joe Ragosta from Patent Pending, who had to leg it through the crowd to make it to the stage for his verse.

They treated the crowd to an energetic which prepared everyone for the rest of the bands on the Desperado stage- who were also mostly Ska bands. The only one minor issue with their set was the failure of saxophonist Michael Fenton’s microphone during his solo. An appearance from Big D And The Kids Table’s David McWane for “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” is one of the only things that have could have made the set a real stand out from the day, however the crowd was moving and the day was off to a great start because of their set.

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