Bayside – Slam Dunk Festival 2015

New York punk four-piece Bayside have become regular visitors to the UK over the past year, supporting both Alkaline Trio and The Gaslight Anthem over their UK tours. Finally, Bayside were back with their own headlining tour off the heels of their 15th Anniversary US Tour. In the middle of their UK jaunt, they joined the Slam Dunk line-up for all three dates. 

With only forty-five minutes to please the busy turnout at the Macbeth stage for their set, the band wasted no time launching into some of their big tracks such as “Pigsty,” “Walking Wounded,” and “Duality.” As always, they played every note perfect, despite playing on a stage in a car park.

Playing tracks from all of their studio albums except for 2008’s Shudder, the crowd was treated to a wide array of songs with the band only stopping to thank the crowd for turning up, thanking all who had seen and supported Bayside before and remarking on the unusual British weather. “A fucking sunny day right?! Who paid who off?”

The band blasted through a compilation of greatest hits including “Mona Lisa” and “Sick, Sick, Sick” from 2011’s Killing Time, “Big Cheese” and “Stuttering” from last year’s Cult, and “Montauk” and “Blame it on Bad Luck” from their debut self-titled. They finished with fan favourite “Devotion and Desire,” which kept security busy for the last three and a half minutes of the set thanks to the plethora of crowd surfers and circle pit.

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