Patent Pending – Slam Dunk Leeds 2015.

After a long break, New York rockers Patent Pending have finally made a reappearance in the UK, and at none other than Slam Dunk Festival. Now, although they aren’t an overly huge band, their fan base more than make up for it. Heading to the stage hours before the set was due to begin, you could see a huge amount of fans boasting Patent Pending merch, talking about when they last saw them or just showing excitement for the upcoming set. And let me tell you, the fans were not disappointed.

Opening with the amazing ‘I Already Know’, the fans went wild. Powering through hits ‘Psycho In Love’ and ‘Classic You’ the energy from both the band and the fans was like nothing I’d ever seen before, it was truly an amazing gig to be a part of. When you hear Patent Pending, straight away you know they aren’t a ‘heavy’ band, but that didn’t stop them opening a huge circle pit in the middle of the audience whilst they played ‘Valentine’. As someone standing on the edge of this pit watching people run around and all but charge into each other, it was definitely a weird experience, hearing a pop punk sound but witnessing a stereotypical metal action.

Technical difficulties were noted by the band, equipment breaking, sounds not going ideally to plan, but this didn’t dampen their spirits, they just powered on through, ready for some covers everybody would know. First it was the Friends theme tune I’ll Be There For You by The Rembrandts, which went immediately into ‘Every Time We Touch’ by Cascade, each song showed the audiences joint voices almost overpowering that of lead singer Joe Ragosta. Next came a few of the more recent songs such as title track (from their latest album) ‘Brighter’, followed by the amazingly hilarious ‘Hey Mario’, which I would recommend checking out the video for, and then a live video to watch Joe do a perfect impression of the Mario jump). In between this both Joe and guitarist Rob Felicetti took part in a crowd swimming competition. This involves splitting the audience in the middle (such as what is done for a wall of death) and then both band members running down to the back of the audience, climbing onto them and then ‘swimming’ back to the stage in a race for first place. This was the first time I’ve witnessed anything like this and it was absolutely hilarious, definitely a highlight of the day.

After Joe was declared winner they carried on their set ending on the phenomenal ‘Douchebag’. These lads were definitely one of the best parts of Slam Dunk 2015 for me, and clearly for a lot of other people. What made it better was that they came out after their set to meet those who had watched them and to have a conversation with them, which to any fan means the absolute world. Keep up the good work lads, I’m sure everybody is looking forward to seeing you rock Leeds once again in November with the almighty Zebrahead!

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