Big D and The Kids Table – Slam Dunk Festival 2015

Big D and The Kids Table returned to Leeds to play Slam Dunk for first time since 2008. The Ska/Punk/Dub six piece were a real treat for the festival crowd taking in the incredibly rare sunny weather (ask any British person, it was a miracle).

Playing a relatively straight forward set, they didn’t go out to surprise anyone. Just a barrage of old classic songs and new ones, spanning from L.A. X and My Girlfriend On Drugs from their 2004 release How It Goes through to Shit Tattoos from 2013s Stomp. Mostly taking from their 2007 album Strictly Rude, opening their set with the first track Steady Riot as well as Noise Complaint and the wonderfully upbeat Shining On which was definitely helped with the sun shining heavily down on the stage and crowd.

Not taking much time in between songs to engage with the crowd, it was largely one track after, but the stage was lively enough with Alex shredding away on his solos and Dave jumping around the place to keep those few in the crowd who weren’t in their own world skanking away entertained.

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